Maud Lewis: U.S. rate stamps ($1.30) - booklet of 6


Product # 114149


Send festive holiday greetings with this booklet of six U.S. rate stamps. The stamps capture the spirit of the season with a reproduction of Team of Oxen in Winter (1967) by Maud Lewis, one of Canada’s most beloved folk artists.

Born in South Ohio, Nova Scotia, Maud Lewis began her artistic career as a child, painting Christmas cards – with winter scenes like the ones on these stamps – and selling them door to door. Lewis skillfully depicted the people, animals and activities of rural Maritime life in her works, all imbued with vibrancy and joy.

Although she worked in poverty, physical pain and obscurity for many years, Lewis never stopped painting, and started to receive national and international acclaim in the 1960s. Today her work is treasured by collectors.

Issue Date November 2, 2020
Stamp Designer Hélène L’Heureux
Stamp Value 1 x $1.30 (USA)
Quantity Produced 330,000
Dimensions 32.8 mm x 28.8 mm

Product # 114149