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Commemorative Envelope - CNIB 100th Anniversary

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Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind with this enhanced commemorative envelope.

The front of the envelope is embossed with braille reading ‘CNIB 1918-2018’ in English and “INCA 1918-2018” in French. Colour photographs illustrate CNIB’s century-long history of helping blind and partially sighted Canadians live full and independent lives, while the black and white stamp image depicts hands reading braille. The commemorative cancel on the envelope combines the date of issue and the location – Toronto, Ontario – with a pictorial cancellation in the shape of an eye.

A brief text about CNIB on the reverse of the envelope is printed in large font to accommodate the visually impaired.

  • ISSUE DATE: March 21, 2018


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Product # 342170 - $3.00

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