Grizzly Bear: $8 denomination - pane of 4 stamps


Product # 400801107

Admire the fearsome grizzly bear up close with this set of four steel-engraved definitive stamps, created using the same technique used to create Canada's first postage stamp in 1851.

The Grizzly Bear issue is particularly attractive because of its unique elements. Reflecting the value of the stamp, the number 8 has been incorporated into the bear's rear right limb. In addition, the green grass below and the blue sky above have been crafted with tiny images of bears.

Weighing close to 400 kg, the grizzly bear (Ursus arctos) has been named "the monarch of the wilderness". Measuring 2.74 m, this majestic mammal is an omnivore, eating mostly plants. During peak feeding periods, the grizzly can consume as many as 200,000 berries a day!

  • ISSUE DATE: October 15, 1997
  • STAMP DESIGNER: Alain Leduc
  • STAMP VALUE: Pane of 4 stamps ($32.00)
  • QUANTITY PRODUCED: Canadian Bank Note
  • DIMENSIONS: 64 mm x 48.9 mm

Product # 400801107