Your Drug Plan

Coverage is provided for the drugs and drug supplies listed under the Canada Post Controlled Drug Formulary, when these are prescribed by a physician or other person entitled by law to prescribe them, and provided in Canada. Eligible expenses are reimbursed at 80 per cent.

Coverage also includes:
  • at least one prescribed drug for most disease categories
  • approved life-sustaining drugs
  • some injectable vitamins and minerals
  • vaccines used to prevent disease
  • one or a combination of lifestyle drugs for the following conditions at the following maximums:
    • Sexual dysfunction: Up to $500 per calendar year
    • Anti-obesity: Up to $500 per calendar year
    • Smoking cessation: Up to $500 per calendar year
    • Fertility disorders: Up to $5,000 per lifetime
Note: To confirm which drugs are currently covered for the above conditions, please search by condition using the drug-search tool.

To confirm if drug supplies are covered, please contact Great-West Life at 1-866-716-1313.

If a drug is not covered, - you can ask for an exception
The decision about what drugs are prescribed is between you and your doctor. Some drugs your physician prescribes may not be covered by the Canada Post drug plan, but coverage may be provided for alternative drugs that provide a similar benefit. If the drug you’ve been prescribed is not covered, you can ask your doctor to prescribe a drug from the list of covered drugs. You can also take a prescribed drug that is not covered, but you will have to pay the full cost for it. However, if you have a contraindication or if you have tried a drug on the covered list and it did not work for your medical condition, you can apply to have your drug covered by the drug plan. You can do this by asking your doctor to complete the Request for Drug Exception form, which is found on page two of the list of covered drugs. You are responsible for any expenses incurred for completing the form.

Prior authorization
Some drugs need to have prior authorization from Great-West Life before a claim can be reimbursed. If the drug you searched for requires ‘prior authorization’, you must:
  1. Obtain a copy of the "Request for Information" form, which can be downloaded by visiting Great-West Life’s website and looking under Client Services/Group Benefits Plan Members/ Forms.
  2. Complete the form. Some information must be provided by your physician.
  3. Pay any administrative costs charged by your physician for completing the form. The plan does not cover these costs.
  4. Return the signed and completed form to Great-West Life at the address shown on the form before or along with your first claim for the drug.
  5. You will receive a letter from Great-West Life confirming whether the drug has been authorized or not.
  6. If the drug is authorized, you can go to your pharmacy to have your prescription filled or submit your claim for reimbursement.
For more information, please contact Great-West Life at 1-866-716-1313.

The convenience of home delivery for some maintenance prescription medications
Home delivery of some prescription medications (maintenance medications) is now available through the Express Scripts Canada PharmacyTM. You'll enjoy the convenience of having medications delivered to your door--and you'll help Canada Post grow its parcel business. We're sure that once you try the service, you'll find that it's valuable, easy to use and convenient. It's good for our business, too. That means it's good for all of us.

Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy
Use the drug search tool to find out if your prescription medication can be delivered through the Express Scripts Pharmacy by entering the DIN number for the drug or the drug name.

Enrol today
Signing up online is easy. Or call 1-855-550-MEDS (6337).
When signing up, you'll need to provide basic information, Including your name, address and employee ID number, as well as information about any medications you wish to receive through the home-delivery service . You'll also be need to provide your plan number (51391), and our benefit provider's carrier number (11).

About Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy
The Express Scripts Canada Pharmacy is an advanced mail-service pharmacy that fills prescriptions for maintenance medications that treat conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and more.
Licensed pharmacists, who check every prescription and shipment for accuracy and potential interactions between drugs being taken, are available 24/7 to consult with you about your medications and answer any questions. Also, all prescription drugs are delivered safely and securely by Canada Post. For more information, visit