Typical weights:

Book Paperback 0.3 kgs 0.66 lbs
Compact Disc (CD) 0.02 kgs 0.04 lbs
Sweater 0.3 kgs 0.66 lbs
Teddy Bear (small) 0.2 kgs 0.5 lbs

Measuring Tips:
A. Length: longest side of the item
B. Width: depth of your item
C. Height: how tall your item is

(Note: Measurements must be rounded up to the nearest centimeters.)

For an odd-shaped non-rectangular item, measurements are taken at the widest points. See example below.

*For USA and International shipments, oversize items are acceptable only if permitted by the destination country.

  • All items must conform to the packaging requirements of Canada Post and of the destination country, and must no contain dangerous or prohibited materials. Click here to view unacceptable items. Improperly packaged items may be refused and returned to the customer. The customer has the responsibility of ensuring that the contents of an item can be shipped under law.
  • All items must be securely wrapped with sufficient cushioning and reinforcing material to prevent any loss or damage to the items, to postal equipment or to persons handling the items.
  • Pack it right Select packaging with the right size, shape and strength for your goods. Some contents require special packaging to meet legal requirements.
  • Pack it tight Use cushioning materials to prevent any movement of the contents inside the item. Each item should be wrapped separately and packed firmly in the container. Newspaper and foam chips (known as foam peanuts) help fill empty spaces and curb movement. Secure all seams with packaging or mailing tape.
  • Pack it safe Firmly seal all seams of the item with quality packaging tape to ensure that your item stays closed for the entire journey. String, masking tape or ordinary household tapes should not be used.

For more details on planning your mailing, including packaging tips, visit the Canada Post Postal Guide at .