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Effective: 2019-01-14

This glossary provides definitions of terms used in Postal Services Information documents. Corresponding French equivalents are indicated in brackets at the end of the definition.

This glossary is under review and its contents may be amended from time to time without notice.

acceptable item
A mail item that meets the specific requirements and conditions of a service available through Canada Post. [article admissible]
Favourable reception of mail items prepared by the sender prior to mailing according to conditions stipulated by Canada Post. [acceptation]
acceptance scan
A scan that records the date an item was accepted by Canada Post. [balayage au point d’origine]
account number
See customer number. [numéro de compte; numéro du client]
The information required to identify the specific location of a residence or business.
The destination where mail is delivered to and received at. [adresse]
Address Accuracy Program
A program designed to encourage customers to accurately address their mail. Participation in the Program is mandatory for all mailings greater than 5,000 items. An address is considered accurate when all the components of an address are present and correct and that they match information in Canada Post’s address database. [Programme d’exactitude des adresses]
address carrier
A separate enclosure in a Publications Mail item used to provide the recipient’s address for delivery purposes. Normally a single sheet or over cover that may be attached to the outside of the publication or enclosed with the host publication
May contain advertising or a promotional message and a response mechanism, such as a Business Reply Mail™ item
Must not be personalized with more than the address block information (name and address) of the addressee. [porte-adresse]
address incomplete; incomplete address
An address with missing delivery information. [adresse incomplète]
The person, business or institution to which a mail item or shipment is addressed. [destinataire]
addressee’s representative
See authorized representative. [représentant du destinataire]
advertising brochure
A thin collection of unbound or stapled or press-pasted printed pages displaying a sampling of products or services for sale, which may include prices and item numbers
Should not contain the word “CATALOGUE” or “CATALOG”
Should not have an index or table of contents. see catalogue. [brochure publicitaire]
Advertising material presented under the guise of editorial material. [publireportage]
Advice of Receipt (AR); AR card
A proof of delivery in hard copy including the date and signature of the addressee and available for International Registered Mail. [Avis de réception (AR); carte AR]
agreement year
A period of 12 consecutive calendar months falling between 2 anniversary dates. [année de convention]
air mail
Mail paid at the air mail price for transportation by air. [courrier-avion]
air mail sticker
An adhesive label used on international air parcels and U.S.A. and international air Small Packets. [étiquette par avion]
Air Stage office
An Air Stage Office is a Post Office to or from which all mail must be airlifted for more than six months of every year as a viable surface transportation alternative is not available. These offices are generally confined to remote or isolated communities.
NOTE: An office designated an Air Stage Office is deemed to be Air Stage for the whole year. [bureau du Service aérien omnibus]
alcoholic beverage
Any beverage intended for human consumption containing alcohol (e.g. beer, wine and spirits) as defined in the Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act, as amended. [boisson alcoolique]
The alpha-numeric (A)-(N) formula that makes up the Canadian Postal CodeOM. [ANA NAN]
Note: “A” represents an alphabetic character; “N” represents a numeric character. The two units of the code have different functions: ANA represents the forward sortation area (FSA), and NAN represents the local delivery unit (LDU).
annual or one-time publication
An enclosed publication (newspaper, magazine or newsletter) published at a frequency of less than twice a year
It is clearly identified on the cover or in the masthead, with the words “ANNUAL PUBLICATION” or “ONE-TIME PUBLICATION” (or similar wording)
Otherwise, it may be considered as co-packaged and priced accordingly [publication annuelle ou publication unique]
AO mail; other items
Items which do not meet the normal size limits of standard mail such as letters, postcards or parcels. [autres objets (AO)]
Note: The synonym AO mail is an abbreviation of the international term “autres objets” used by the Universal Postal Union.
applicable published prices
With respect to each product and service, the applicable prices, including any applicable fees, charges or surcharges, and less any applicable rebate, set by Canada Post and in effect at the time of mailing, as published and/or made available by Canada Post for general application to its customers, as amended from time to time. [tarifs publiés applicables]
approval; stamp approval
A postage stamp selection sent by a stamp dealer to a collector for his inspection. [à l’examen; sous condition]
AR; AR card
See Advice of Receipt (AR). [Avis de réception]
area control list
A list of destinations to which the export of certain goods is controlled. [liste des pays visés]
Note: This list is established under the Export and Import Permits Act.
area deposit
A mailing deposited in the mail processing facility or mail induction centre which dispatches directly to the final site from which the mail will be delivered to the addressee. [dépôt dans le secteur]
authorized representative; recognized representative of an addressee
A person with written authorization to pick up, receive and sign for mail addressed to another party. [représentant autorisé; représentant reconnu du destinataire]
Note: For items delivered to the door (addressee’s address), the person who answers the door is considered the authorized representative and may accept the item by virtue of having access to the addressee’s premises. For items delivered to the post office (notice to pick up at the post office), the authorized representative must present a letter of authorization as per Canada Post current identification requirements policy. Canada Post employees do not have the authority to sign on behalf of a customer during the course of their duties or while wearing their uniforms.
authorized user
A party designated by the customer and approved by Canada Post to have access to the products and services offered under a specific agreement. [utilisateur autorisé]
Note: Unless otherwise specified in the Agreement, an authorized user has full access to the products and services offered under the Agreement.
automated operation
A mail processing operation performed by mechanized means with specialized systems or devices. [opération automatisée]
back issue
Back issue, extra issue, double-issue and ride-along Publications:
previously published copy/issue of the Publications Mail items
a back issue may be individually addressed as a Publications Mail items or enclosed and priced with a Publications Mail items
a complimentary, promotional copy of another title or the same title. [numéro antérieur]
barcode - 2D data matrix
Canada Post offers customers the option of using a 2D data matrix barcode on mail items to increase creativity and help improve readability. The barcode contains service type, address information (Postal Code & address locators) and customer data. [code à barres bidimensionnel (2D)]
barcode- 4-state
Canada Post’s 4-state barcode contains addressing and customer-specific information which helps process and track mail items as they move through the distribution system. [code à barres à quatre types de traits]
base weight
The initial weight step for pricing purposes, i.e., up to 50 grams for Machineable Standard (STD); up to 100 grams for Machineable Oversize (OS) and Delivery Facility Presort (DFP); and up to 200 grams for Special Handling (SH). [poids de base]
basic identifying information
The Publications Mail agreement number (PM number) required for proof of payment and processing, including for the return of undeliverable Publications Mail items. [renseignements d’identification de base]
Bilateral Postal Convention
Agreement concerning postal services made between Canada and the United States or other postal administrations. [Convention postale bilatérale]
Bill of Lading (BOL)
A document completed by the shipper, detailing both the shipper and the receiver’s full addresses, including the Postal CodeOM, and telephone numbers. [Connaissement]
Note: The Bill of Lading must be completed in English or include an English translation.
See bulk mail facility. [installation de traitement en vrac (ITV)]
A collection of printed or manuscript pages sewn or glued together along one side and bound between rigid boards or flexible covers, which is published or intended for publication
Published books normally contain an International Standard Book Number (ISBN). [livre]
A thin collection of unbound or bound printed pages between flexible covers whose content is related to the editorial content of the Publication Mail Item
Booklets must not adversely affect the ease of handling of the item. [livret]
Pages that are sewn, stapled or glued together. [relié]
box assembly
See mailbox assembly. [batterie de boîtes aux lettres]
A customer renting or using a post office box. [locataire de case postale]
See bulk processing stream. [flot de traitement en vrac (FTV)]
The separation point between letter carrier routes. [coupage]
See Business Reply Mail™. [Correspondance-réponse d‘affairesMC (CRA)]
One folded sheet of paper that contains information other than merchandise or services for sale. [dépliant]
bulk form
Any type of mail consolidated in a container of similar size. [envois en vrac]
bulk mail facility (BMF)
Facility designed specifically for processing all mail in the bulk processing stream. This is a component of a mail processing plant. [installation de traitement en vrac]
bulk mail
An expression used in postal facilities to describe a quantity of mail. [envois en nombre]
bulk processing stream (BPS)
Processing stream representing mail input in bulk form for delivery in bulk form. [flot de traitement en vrac FTV]
bundle / bundling
A group of mail items secured together by strapping (using elastic bands, string or plastic straps or by shrink-wrapping. [liasse / enliassement]
bundle label
A small slip of paper, pre-printed or hand-written, attached to the top of a mixed bundle to show the destination of the bundle. Also known as a facing slip. [étiquette de liasse]
bundle of unaddressed copies
Two or more copies of the same Publications Mail item (and any enclosure) wrapped or tied together in a bundle for delivery to a news dealer or other bulk receiver at a single address
Two or more back issues of a Publications Mail item may be sent as a Bundle of Unaddressed Copies. [liasse d’exemplaires non adressés]
business day
A day other than Saturday, Sunday, a statutory holiday and any day normally observed as a holiday by Canada Post. [jour ouvrable]
business distribution
The delivery of mail to a business address. [distribution aux entreprises]
Business Reply Mail™ (BRM)
  • May be a Domestic or International reply card or envelope
  • A Business Reply Mail™ item (card or envelope) provided the Customer has entered into an appropriate Agreement with Canada Post for Business Reply Mail. [Correspondance-réponse d‘affairesMC (CRA)]
Business Reply Mail™ (BRM) recipient
A person who uses a Business Reply Mail card or envelope as their response vehicle of choice to a Business Reply Mail customer. [utilisateur du service Correspondance-réponse d‘affairesMC]
Business Reply Mail™ (BRM) customer
A person who enters a Business Reply Mail agreement and obtains the approval of Canada Post to distribute envelopes or cards that meet the requirements for Business Reply Mail service. [client du service Correspondance-réponse d’affairesMC]
See care of. [Aux soins de (A/S)]
Special design or inscription on an envelope to commemorate a postal or philatelic event relating to the stamp, an advertisement forming part of a postage meter impression, or a motto or slogan included in a postal cancellation. [flamme]
call for (CF)
Internal delivery service where customer comes to pick up the mail at the counter.
To be used as an interim mode, whereby mail will be delivered by RSMC.
Unlike General Delivery, this is supposed to be an interim service while the customer waits for the assigned prime mode to be installed (within 30 business days). [remise au comptoir (RC)]
Canada Gazette, Part II
All Regulations as defined in the Statutory Instruments Act and certain other classes of instruments and documents required to be published. Regulations made under Section 19 of the Canada Post Corporation Act are published in the Gazette. [Gazette du Canada, Partie II]
Canada Post
Commercial name of the Canada Post Corporation. See Canada Post Corporation (CPC). [Postes Canada]
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
A Corporation established by an Act of Parliament to carry out certain activities under the direction and control of a Board of Directors. [Société canadienne des postes (SCP)]
Canada Post Corporation Gazetted Regulations
Regulations proposed by Canada Post and approved by the Governor in Council pursuant to the Canada Post Corporation Act and Regulations. [règlements de la Société canadienne des postes publiés dans la Gazette]
Canada Post’s responsibility for mail
Canada Post’s responsibility for mail ends when the mail has been delivered to the addressee or his representative, to a mail receptacle at the address of delivery or at a post office box where the mail is addressed to or in care of that box. If the item is sent Registered Mail, the responsibility of the Corporation ends when the addressee or another adult at the destination address signs for the article. [responsabilité de Postes Canada]
Canadian Forces Post Office (CFPO)
A military post office operated by the Canadian Forces Postal Service to provide postal facilities for Canadian military units abroad, for Canadian naval ships on cruise and to personnel authorized to receive or send Canadian Forces Mail. [bureau de poste des Forces canadiennes (BPFC)]
Canadian Forces Postal Service (CFPS)
Military postal service authorized to operate post offices and provide postal facilities for the Canadian Forces in Canada and abroad. [Service postal des Forces canadiennes (SPFC)]
An impression used to mark a postage stamp to prevent its reuse. The cancellation mark may be done by machine, hand stamp, or indelible pencil if missed by initial processing. A date, time and location is usually included in the cancelling die. [oblitération]
card for pickup
The sender writes CARD FOR PICKUP in the Attention box of the shipping label or applies a Card for Pickup sticker to the item to ensure that Canada Post does not deliver the item. Canada Post notifies the addressee that the item is to be picked up at the post office. [retenue pour ramassage]
care of (C/O)
Manner of addressing mail to authorize its delivery to a named representative of the addressee. [aux soins de (A/S)]
Bound printed matter containing a listing of products or services for sale and which can include prices and item numbers
Catalogues may contain an index or table of contents and/or the word “CATALOGUE” or “CATALOG”. [catalogue]
See Commercial Deposit Centres. [centres dépôt commerciaux]
Certificate of Origin
Document for Customs purposes attesting to location of the manufacturing of an article. [certificat d’origine]
See Canadian Forces Post Office. [bureau de poste des Forces canadiennes (BPFC)]
See Canadian Forces Postal Service. [Service postal des Forces canadiennes (SPFC)]
Change of Address (Mail Forwarding)
See Mail Forwarding. [Réacheminement du courrier]
city consolidation
It is the second level of consolidation as per the National Presortation Schematic. [centre de regroupement urbain]
Completely enclosed in a secure plastic wrapper, which is transparent or has a transparent window clearly displaying the required addressing and identifying information. [emballé dans un matériel transparent]
See community mailbox. [boîte postale communautaire (BPCOM)]
See Collect On Delivery. [Contre remboursement (CR)]
Collect On Delivery (COD)
A service option available for domestic parcel shipments (option is not available at non-automated post office), for an additional fee. All COD item will be carded (no delivery to the door). [contre remboursement (CR)]
collection box
See street mailbox. [boîte aux lettres publique]
commemorative stamp
A stamp that is issued to commemorate an event or to honour a person, normally printed in limited quantities and sold within a specific period of time. [timbre-poste commémoratif]
Commercial Deposit Centres (CDCs)
Delivery facilities that are equipped to accept, verify, and process commercial mailings. Refer to the Find a Deposit Location tool to determine the acceptable mail type, daily maximum volume, deposit location address and hours of deposit. [Centres de dépôt commerciaux (CDC)]
A process by which separate mailings are prepared for mail processing in such a way that they are intermingled together to create a single sequenced mailing (either within the same packaging, bundle/grouping, container or shipping unit). [amalgamation]
An identified time period for the processing of mail. Each process stream has a specified processing commitment. See corporate operating commitment. [engagement]
community mailbox (CMB)
A large, firmly anchored steel box (module) comprising of individual compartments, each serving one street address for mail delivery. [boîte postale communautaire (BPCOM)]
community mailbox service; CMB mailbox service
The delivery of mail to a large steel box. Each locked compartment serves one street address. Each unit also provides a larger compartment for parcel delivery as well as a mailbox for outgoing letters. [service de boîtes postales communautaires]
The receiver or addressee of a mail item. [destinataire]
See levels of consolidation. [regroupement]
Consumers’ Choice Program
A program introduced by Canada Post on July 2, 1997, to respect consumers’ wishes not to receive unaddressed material. When a Canadian opts into Consumers’ Choice, we will continue to deliver:
Community newspapers
Mailings in the public (as opposed to commercial) interest from government departments/agencies at federal, provincial, territorial, municipal levels and band councils
Materials from Elections Canada, provincial/territorial chief electoral officers and municipal election officials (or the deputy returning officer), including material from political parties and electoral candidates during an election. [Programme Choix des consommateurs]
container label
A piece of thin cardboard affixed to a container. The label details the contents and the container’s destination. [étiquette de conteneur]
Containerization is the process of packaging the mail for shipment. Mail items are placed into containers (Canada Post-supplied or customer-supplied, approved by Canada Post) suitable for handling through Canada Post's processes. [conteneurisation]
contract customer
A customer who has signed a written agreement or contract with Canada Post for a specific service. [client commercial titulaire d’une convention]
co-op mailing
Promotional content from two or more organizations, typically printed as booklets or enclosed in an envelope. Directories, newsletters, calendars and community newspapers are not considered co-op mailings. [envoi collectif]
The inclusion of a Personalized Mail™, Lettermail™ or Publications Mail item from different mail owners within a Publications Mail item sent to the same recipient [conditionnement commun]
corner block
The four stamps and corner selvage of the stamp pane. The selvage includes printing and quality control numbers and markings. Different markings might be present on the selvage of the corner block depending on whether the block is the upper or lower left, or the upper or lower right of the pane. [bloc de coin]
corner set
Set of all four corner blocks taken from the same pane. [ensemble de coin]
coverage (liability coverage)
A service offered by Canada Post that provides compensation for the loss, mishandling or damage of a mailable item. [couverture-responsibilité]
See Canada Post Corporation (CPC). [Société canadienne des postes (SCP)]
cubic weight; cubed weight
See volumetric equivalent of actual weight (VE). [poids cubique]
customer number
A seven-digit number assigned to each customer who signs a service agreement. [numéro du client; numéro de compte]
Customer Relationship Support
A service provided by Canada Post consisting of direct communications with the public on such matters as claims, enquiries and complaints, and other public relations activities. [Soutien des relations avec la clientèle]
Customer Service
See Customer Relationship Support. [service à la clientèle]
customs clearance
Authorizing release of an article of mail to the addressee by Customs. [dédouanement]
Customs Declaration
A form affixed to U.S.A. and international mail to simplify Customs clearance in the country of destination. [Déclaration en douane]
customs duty
Amount of tax or tariff applied to an item imported from another country. [droit de douane]
customs examination
Process of inspecting an item of mail by Customs officers to determine whether or not duty is applicable. [contrôle douanier]
customs label
CN22 label required on all international items, other than Parcel Services, subject to Customs control. [étiquette de douanes]
customs primary screening centre
An area at exchange offices (generally at the port of entry) where an initial segregation is made between non-dutiable and potentially dutiable items before dispatch to destination or diversion to Customs. [centre de tri préliminaire douanier]
damaged mail
Mail that has been damaged while processed by Canada Post or at another postal administration; damaged mail may be due to improper handling, processing or delivery. [courrier avarié]
date stamp
The metal or rubber stamp used on mail or on forms to indicate the date and/or to cancel the postage stamp. [timbre à date]
datestamp; to date stamp
The act of dating items or dating and cancelling stamps on mail. [apposer le timbre à date; frapper du timbre à date]
See Distribution Centre Facility. [centre de desserte postale (CDP)]
default weight
If the weight of a shipment is not on the appropriate shipping document, Canada Post will apply a standard “default weight” per item and charge accordingly. [poids par défaut]
delivery area
An area to which mail delivery service is provided from any postal facility or service such as an individual letter carrier, rural route or delivery route. [secteur de livraison]
delivery confirmation
Upon delivery or attempted delivery, the item number and date is captured. This information is then available to the sender by calling an Automated Response System or via the Internet. [confirmation de livraison]
Delivery Facility (DF)
The facility from which the mode of delivery emanates (e.g. location of postal box, origination of the rural route or letter carrier route) and can include Urban postal stations, letter carrier depots and Rural postal facilities. This is the first level of consolidation as per the National Presortation Schematic. [installation de livraison (IL)]
Delivery Facility Presort
A mail presortation option for sequencing mail by FSA or Postal CodeOM and then grouping and containerizing mail according to the National Presortation Schematic (NPS). [tri préliminaire par installation de livraison]
Delivery Mode Audit Code
A single letter in parentheses, identifies which version of the National Presortation Schematic and Delivery Mode Data Product was used to prepare a mailing. This Audit Code must appear on every mail item, regardless of its destination. This code changes monthly. [Code de vérification du mode de livraison]
Delivery Mode Code (DMC)
The delivery route for an individual address is identified by a specific Delivery Mode Code. The DMC consists of two parts, a Delivery Mode Audit Code and a Delivery Mode Detail. [Code de mode de livraison (CML)]
Delivery Mode Detail
A string of alphanumeric characters, identifies the letter carrier route or delivery mode as well as the letter carrier responsible for delivery of the mail item or group of items. This information must appear on every mail item with an urban Postal CodeOM. [Numéro de mode de livraison]
Delivery Mode Data Technical Specifications
Provide information that contains the Postal CodeOM and their related modes of delivery (e.g., a letter carrier walk). [exigences techniques relatives aux données sur le mode de livraison]
delivery mode identifier
The Delivery Mode Identifier is numerical and represents the routing information such as a letter carrier route number (e.g. 12). [identificateur de mode de livraison]
delivery mode type
An alphabetical character which identifies the mode of delivery:
A = delivery to block face address
B = delivery to an apartment building
E = delivery to a business building
G = delivery to a large volume receiver
H = delivery via a rural route
J = general delivery
K = delivery to a PO Box (not a community mailbox)
M = delivery to a large volume receiver (PO Box)
T = delivery via a suburban service
X = delivery via a mobile route
Z = Postal CodeOM is retired (no further delivery to this code). [type de mode de livraison]
delivery notice card
Notice card left when delivery was attempted but no one was present to receive the item. (carte Avis de livraison]
delivery standards
Delivery standards represent the expected transit time from deposit to delivery for items tendered before the local cut-off time; only Business Days are included in the calculation. Deposits on days other than Business Days are considered as being accepted on the next Business Day. [normes de livraison]
Destination Facility
A facility to which mail is destined. The National Presortation Schematic outlines all level 1, 2, 3 and 4 destination facilities to which mail is consolidated. [installation de destination]
See Delivery Facility. [IL]
See cancelling die [cliché]
Bundle, bag, etc., containing mail destined for processing at one post office, or one postal station or depot. These offices are the first level of consolidation. See levels of consolidation. [envoi direct]
direct container
A container consisting of bundles of items for the same rural or urban post office, or one postal station or depot. [conteneur direct]
direct delivery
A bundle or bag of mail delivered by vehicle direct to a customer who receives mail in volume on a regular basis. [livraison directe]
Printed matter of bound or spiral-bound pages comprised of an alphabetical or classified listing of names, addresses and/or other data, usually with an index and often with page tabs. [répertoire]
The entire shipment, prepared by Canada Post, for forwarding to another location or service. [expédition]
dispatch note
International term referring to a form prepared by the mailer, documenting the contents of a mail item; may be accompanied by the relative invoice or statement of value in order to facilitate Customs clearance in the country of destination. [Bulletin d’expédition]
Distribution Centre Facility (DCF)
A major postal facility where mail is received, sorted, handled and sent to, or received from, a group of dependent postal facilities. This is the third level of consolidation as per the National Presortation Schematic. [centre de desserte postale (CDP)]
The sorting system established to move mail from point of mailing to the office of delivery with the least possible intermediate handling. See routing. [acheminement]
See Delivery Mode Code. [CML]
Do Not Forward
A service option applicable to Lettermail items that cannot be delivered as addressed because the addressee has moved, will be returned to the sender and not forwarded to the addressee, even if the addressee has filed a Mail Forwarding request with Canada Post. This option requires that the item bear a legitimate Do Not Forward (DNF) endorsement. [Ne pas faire suivre]
Business or personal correspondence item that has no defined commercial value. [document]
domestic mail
Mail originated in Canada and addressed to points in Canada. [courrier du régime intérieur]
double issue
Two issues of a host publication bound together as one volume. [numéro double]
Money (charge, tax, etc.) requested by the jurisdiction of a country for fiscal purpose. See customs duty. [droit]
Ink or paint (the colour of which must significantly contrast with the colour of the envelope) applied to the top edge of an envelope to indicate a break between groupings and/or delivery facilities of presorted mail. [marquage à jet d’encre]
Electronic Shipping Tools (EST)
The software application or a third party shipping system approved by Canada Post, which allows customers to prepare, transmit and submit their Orders. [Outils électroniques d’expédition (OEE)]
An insert (enclosed in magazine) or outsert (enclosed within an envelope or polybag) that is included with the Publications Mail item
Enclosures must not adversely affect the ease of handling of the mail item. [pièce jointe]
exclusive privilege
Pursuant to sections 14 and 15 of the Canada Post Corporation Act, Canada Post has the sole and exclusive privilege in Canada of collecting, transmitting and delivering letters to the addressee. This exclusive privilege extends to letters weighing up to 500 g mailed in Canada for delivery within Canada or outside Canada, or mailed outside Canada for delivery within Canada. [privilège exclusif]
Expedited Parcel™
A domestic parcel service for contract customers. Items must bear an Expedited Parcel barcoded label. [Colis accélérésMC]
Expedited Parcel™ - USA
A ground parcel service to the U.S.A. available to all customers. Expedited Parcel - USA provides Delivery Confirmation and must bear an Expedited Parcel - USA barcoded label. [Colis accélérés É.-U.MC]
export control list
A list of goods established under the Export and Import Permits Act to control the export of certain goods. [liste des marchandises d’exportation contrôlée]
export permit
All goods listed in the Export Control List (ECL) or goods destined for Area Control List countries, whether listed on the Export Control List or not, require individual export permits. [licence d’exportation]
extraction bars (Business Reply Mail™)
The three vertical bars printed on Business Reply Mail items that allow mechanized mail processing equipment to identify and segregate such mail items. [barres d’extraction Correspondance-réponse d’affairesMC]
face up
To arrange the mail so that the postal indicia or stamp and the addresses are right side up and face in the same direction. [redresser]
See postal facility. [installation]
facing slip
See bundle label. [étiquette de liasse]
See Forward Consolidation Point. [centre de regroupement du courrier d’acheminement (CRCA)]
Service enhancement which is provided automatically to the customer as part of the basic service. [caractéristique]
Flats Sorting Machine (FSM)
A machine for automated processing of Oversize (OS) items. [machine à trier les grands objets plats (MTGOP)]
flats tub
A hardsided Canada Post-supplied container used primarily to transport Oversize (OS) mail. [conteneur à grands objets plats (CGOP)]
fleet mail office (FMO)
A military post office operated by the Canadian Forces Postal Service to provide facilities for Her Majesty’s Canadian Ships (HMCS). [bureau de poste de la Flotte (BPF)]
See fleet mail office. [bureau de poste de la Flotte (BPF)]
foreign mail
See international mail. [courrier du régime international]
Forward Consolidation Point (FCP)
The fourth level of consolidation in the National Presortation Schematic. This level is only accessed for the make-up of monotainers/pallets. [centre de regroupement du courrier d’acheminement (CRCA)]
forward delivery
The delivery of mail outside the postal delivery area of the place of mailing. [livraison du courrier d’acheminement)
forward mail (FWD)
Mail going outside the postal delivery area served by the postal facility in which it was received for processing. [courrier d’acheminement]
forward sortation area (FSA)
The first three characters (alpha-numeric-alpha) of the Postal CodeOM, which represent a geographic area. [région de tri d’acheminement (RTA)]
franking privilege
See Government Mail Free of Postage [privilège de franchise postale; envois transmis en franchise pour le gouvernement]
See forward sortation area. [région de tri d’acheminement (RTA)]
See Flats Sorting Machine. [machine à trier les grands objets plats (MTGOP)]
general delivery
A service provided at post offices for delivery of mail to customers with no fixed address within the letter carrier delivery area and anyone who cannot receive mail through the normal delivery modes. [poste restante]
See group mailbox. [boîte postale multiple (BPM)]
Government mail free of postage; franking privilege
Government mail free of postage allows for mail (with the exception of Parcel Services, options and special services) to be sent to and from the following individuals free of postage provided that both the sender and receiver are in Canada:
the Governor General
the Speaker or Clerk of the Senate or House of Commons
the Parliamentary Librarian or the Associate Parliamentary Librarian
Members of the Senate
Members of the House of Commons
the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner or Senate Ethics Officer
the Director of the Parliamentary Protective Service
the Parliamentary Budget Officer. [envois transmis en franchise pour le gouvernement; privilège de franchise postale]
green label
See customs label. [étiquette verte]
group mailbox (GMB)
A large steel box comprising individual compartments that can be separately locked, each serving one street address for mail delivery. [boîte postale multiple (BPM)]
hand cancel or stamp
The act of cancelling postage by use of a hand stamp. [oblitération manuelle]
Hold Mail
Mail held for a specific period upon instructions in writing from the addressee on payment of a service charge. [retenue du courrier]
host publication
A newspaper, magazine or newsletter that is mailed as the primary Publications Mail item under a valid Agreement number. [publication principale]
householder count
Delivery counts supplied by Canada Post for all urban and rural delivery modes such as letter carrier routes, non-letter carrier routes and postal boxes, etc. [nombre de chefs de ménage]
import restrictions
Regulations that prohibit the importation of certain items or commodities into a country. [restrictions à l’importation]
imprint (to)
To place a postage impression on an item of mail. [empreindre]
See incoming mail. [courrier d’arrivée]
Incentive Lettermail™
A category of Lettermail that consists of identical items of Standard and Oversize domestic mail as defined by Canada Post, which is deposited in large quantities and qualifies for a discounted price. [Poste-lettres à tarifs préférentielsMC]
Incentive pricing; Incentive rate
A special price available to commercial customers who have signed an agreement and whose mailings meet certain requirements established by Canada Post. These requirements include but are not limited to: volume, mail preparation and presortation, address accuracy, machineability, etc. [tarif préférentiel]
incoming mail
All mail coming into a postal facility. [courrier d’arrivée]
incomplete address
See address incomplete. [adresse incomplète]
The operation of translating a Postal CodeOM to a barcode and printing it in the lower right corner of the item. [indexation]
Editorial and/or advertising printed matter or promotional material enclosed within, or attached to, the pages or covers of a host publication. [encart]
See coverage (liability coverage). [couverture (couverture-responsabilité)]
A commercial customer whose primary business is to operate a transportation, courier or package distribution service in Canada, and who presents packages to Canada Post on behalf of other customers. [intertransporteur]
International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union
Office of the Universal Postal Union that deals with member postal administrations. [Bureau international de l’Union postale universelle]
International List of Post Offices
A Universal Postal Union publication listing all the post offices in the world and including a general information table. [Nomenclature internationale des bureaux de poste]
international mail
Mail posted to or received from other countries. [courrier du régime international]
International Parcels™
International Parcel service is an economical means of shipping packages of goods, merchandise and other articles by Air or Surface, from Canada to international destinations, excluding U.S.A. [colis du régime internationalMC]
International Reply Coupon
International Reply Coupons are coupons that may be purchased in participating member countries of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). [coupon-réponse international]
invoice declaration
A form that lists shipment information for Customs clearance of international mail items in the destination country. [Déclaration relative à la facture]
large volume mailer (LVM)
A mailer who regularly deposits an average of 100 or more items of mail per business day. [gros expéditeur de courrier (GEC)]
large volume receiver (LVR)
Customers that receive 200 items or more of Standard Machineable Lettermail each business day. [gros destinataire de courrier (GDC)]
See Letter Carrier Depot. [poste de facteurs]
See Letter Carrier Presort. [tri préliminaire par itinéraire de facteur (TPIF)]
See letter carrier route. [itinéraire de facteur]
See letter carrier. [facteur]
See local delivery unit. [unité de distribution locale (UDL)]
The longest dimension of the mail item. [longueur]
letter box
See street mailbox. [boîte aux lettres publique]
letter carrier (LC)
An employee of Canada Post who sorts and delivers mail to an assigned route. [facteur]
letter carrier depot (LCD)
Postal facility operated as a terminal for letter carriers. These facilities do not serve the general public.[poste de facteurs]
letter carrier office
A postal facility which operates as a letter carrier terminal. [bureau avec service de facteur]
letter carrier walk
External delivery service available in urban delivery areas only within a specified letter carrier Delivery Boundary.
Delivery is by a letter carrier to an individual physical address or to centralized mail delivery.
Delivery is provided on foot or in a motorized vehicle. [itinéraire de facteur]
Canada Post’s Lettermail service is the most convenient and cost-effective way in Canada to send personal messages, business correspondence, invoices, and billing statements within Canada. [Poste-lettresMC]
Canada Post’s Letter-post service is the most economical method of sending personal and business correspondence to the United States and international destinations. Letter-post items are composed of paper or other material with the general characteristics of paper (e.g., tickets, photographs, etc.). Letter-post must be posted in Canada for delivery outside of Canada. [Poste aux lettres]
letterflatainer (LFT)
A container used to transport Standard mail. Letterflatainers do not require lids. [conteneur à lettres et à grands objets plats (CLGOP)]
levels of consolidation
There are four (4) levels available as per the National Presortation Schematic.
NPS Level 1: Delivery Facility (DF)
NPS Level 2: City
NPS Level 3: Distributing Centre Facility (DCF)
NPS Level 4: Forward Consolidation Point (FCP). [niveaux de regroupement]
liability coverage
A service offered by Canada Post that provides compensation for the loss, mishandling or damage of a mailable item. [couverture pour perte ou dommages]
Library Materials
Library Materials may consist of books, magazines, records, CDs, CD-ROMs, audiocassettes, videocassettes, DVDs and other audiovisual materials and other similar library materials. [Documents de bibliothèque]
Literature for the Blind
A special no charge service available only to blind persons and recognized institutions for the blind. Only these items can be sent:
matter impressed in Braille or similar raised type
plates for manufacturing matter impressed in Braille or similar raised type
tapes, records, CDs and other sound recordings posted by the blind in Canada
tapes, records, CDs and other sound recordings and special paper intended solely for the use of the blind if mailed by, or addressed to, a recognized institution for the blind. [cécogramme]
local delivery area
See delivery area. [secteur local de livraison]
local delivery unit (LDU)
The last three characters (numeric alpha numeric) of the Postal CodeOM which represent a specific point or set of points of call located within the forward sortation area. [unité de distribution locale UDL]
local delivery
The delivery of mail within the postal delivery area of the place of mailing. [livraison locale]
lock box
Usually set in post office walls in groups. Mail is sorted by individual box number from the employee working area. The customer removes it after unlocking the door on the public side with the key supplied when the box is rented. [case postale]
Luminescence is the emission of light by a substance and is a term used to measure the brightness of paper. If the paper is too bright, it will blind the camera/scanner when processed on Canada Post’s automated equipment. [luminescence]
See large volume mailer. [gros expéditeur de courrier (GEC)]
See large volume receiver. [gros destinataire de courrier (GDC)]
Machineable Mail
Mail that can be processed by Canada Post’s automated equipment. A mail preparation option for Personalized Mail™, Incentive Lettermail™ and Publications Mail™ mailings. [Courrier mécanisable]
machineability requirements
Machineability requirements ensure that your mail items can travel through Canada Post’s automated equipment without damage to them or to the equipment. [exigences mécanisable]
A printed publication that combines the style, format and layout of a magazine and a catalogue in order to sell, promote or present products or services. It may include informative articles, pictures and product descriptions in the style of a magazine. [magalogue]
mail contractor
A person who has entered into a contract with Canada Post for the transmission of mail. [entrepreneur postal]
mail conveyance
Any physical, electronic, optical or other means used to transmit mail. [moyen de transport du courrier]
mail dispatching facility
Receptacle or mailroom designed for the receipt and temporary storage of mail that is to be collected by a post office representative and sent by post. [installation pour le dépôt du courrier]
Mail Forwarding
A service offered to individuals and businesses who wish to have their mail forwarded to a new domestic, U.S.A., or international address. [Réacheminement du courrier]
mail item
A single item or mail piece prepared and mailed using one of the products and services in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions.
See Publications Mail™ item. [article de courrier]
mail order
Order for goods to be delivered by mail. [commande postale]
mail preparation
The process of preparing containers and shipping units for a common destination. It involves labelling groupings, containers, and shipping units in such a way that Canada Post can bypass various processing steps and facilities within its mail distribution network. [préparation du courrier]
mail presortation
The process of sorting and grouping mail items bound for a common destination. Mail presortation is based on the National Presortation Schematic (NPS) and can be performed manually or by using presortation software recognized by Canada Post. [tri préliminaire du courrier]
mail processing plant (MPP)
A postal facility established for the processing of mail. [établissement de traitement du courrier (ETC)]
mail receiver
Chute, mailbox or any other receptacle in which mail is posted. [boîte aux lettres]
mail receptacle
See mail receiver. [boîte aux lettres]
mailable matter
Any message, information, funds or goods that may be transmitted by post. [objet transmissible; objet]
See mail receiver. [boîte aux lettres]
mailbox assembly
Privately owned group of mailboxes in an apartment building or office complex designed for the reception of the mail of all occupants of the building or complex and so constructed that each owner or tenant has an individual compartment. [batterie de boîtes aux lettres]
mailing abroad
Mail will be charged the Canadian postage prices if the mailing comprises large quantities of items or if it is posted outside Canada by or on behalf of a Canadian mailer for delivery in Canada in order to profit from lower prices. [courrier déposé à l’étranger]
mailing address
An address that specifies where mail is to be delivered and that includes information assigned by the municipality and building owners, as well as the assigned Postal CodeOM and other related address information assigned by Canada Post, as required. [adresse postale]
Note: This type of address can be different from the physical or street address.
mailing list
A list of delivery addresses provided by a customer. [liste d’adresses]
A document used to record information for the mailing of more than three items. This document is used by services, such as Priority™, Xpresspost™, Expedited Parcel™, Regular Parcel™, etc. [manifeste]
The part of the editorial space of a publication where staff members are identified as well as information, such as subscription rates, frequency and place of publication. [cartouche de titre]
meter impression
An approved impression placed on a mail item, reproduced by a printing die, which indicates that postage has been paid, the amount of the postage paid, the date and the meter number. [empreinte d’affranchissement]
meter setting
Act of re-setting the descending register in a postage meter to reflect the receipt of additional money from a postage meter user. [réglage des machines à affranchir]
meter tape
Gummed roll of paper tape used in meter machines on which the postage required for a bulky item is printed. The tape is then affixed to the article in the same manner as a postage stamp. [ruban de machine à affranchir]
metered mail
Mail on which the required postage is paid and indicated by a meter impression. [courrier affranchi à la machine]
Military Post Office (MPO)
See Canadian Forces Post Office [bureau de poste militaire (BPM)]
minister responsible
Such member of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada as is designated by the Governor in Council to act as the Minister for the purposes of the Canada Post Corporation Act. [Ministre responsable]
The condition of a stamp as released by Canada Post unfaded, with full perforations and original gum. [neuf]
minutes of meetings
Informal document outlining what transpired at a meeting. [procès-verbal]
See Multi-Line Optical Character Reader. [lecteur optique de caractères multiligne (LOCML)]
mobile delivery service
Delivery of mail to industrial areas by motor vehicle usually performed under contract. [service de distribution motorisée]
mobile service
Delivery of mail to industrial areas by motorized means (usually performed under contract). [service motorisé]
Money Order
Postal document purchased at a postal facility for transmitting funds between sender and payee. [mandat-poste]
A large, collapsible steel frame container that is used to transport mail between postal facilities and large volume mailers. [monoteneur]
monotainer label
A piece of paper or cardboard with pre-printed or hand-written information detailing the contents and destination of the monotainer. The label is attached to two sides of the monotainer. [étiquette de monoteneur]
motorized route (MR)
Where the Letter Carrier has the use of a vehicle to assist in the delivery of items. [route motorisé (RM)]
See military post office. [bureau de poste militaire (BPM)]
See mail processing plant. [ETC]
Multi-Line Optical Character Reader (MLOCR)
A machine used for mail processing that reads the complete address on a properly addressed mail item and encodes the corresponding fluorescent barcode. [lecteur optique de caractères multiligne (LOCML)]
multi-web construction self-mailer
A fully sealed mailable item consisting of multi layers of single carbonized sheets of paper. Printing is by impact printer after the form is constructed.
National Presortation Schematic (NPS)
Formerly known as the National Distribution Guide. This document sets out mail presortation schematics required to do mail presortation to direct facilities or consolidation points. [Schéma de tri préliminaire national (STPN)]
National Presortation Schematic (NPS) Levels
The levels of consolidation as per the National Presortation Schematic (NPS) are as follows:
NPS level 1: Delivery Facility (DF)
NPS level 2: City
NPS level 3: Distribution Centre Facility (DCF)
NPS level 4: Forward Consolidation Point (FCP)
Any mail item that cannot be consolidated to one of these four levels will be consolidated as Residue. [Schéma de tri préliminaire national (STPN) niveaux de regroupement]
Neighbourhood Mail™
Consists of printed and non-printed matter, such as product samples, that are not addressed to a specific address in Canada. Items must be unaddressed but may bear wording such as “Householder”, “Occupant”, “Resident”, “Business Owners”, “Marketing Manager”, “Purchasing Manager” or “Boxholder”, without a destination address. Neighbourhood Mail provides geographic, demographic and lifestyle information to target mailings to neighbourhoods or localities that have the highest potential audience, without a customer database. [Courrier de quartierMC]
A printed sheet, pamphlet or small newspaper containing news or information of interest to, or bearing on interests of, a special group. Newsletters may include some advertising. [bulletin]
A paper, bound or unbound, that contains news, articles of opinion, features and usually advertising which is printed and distributed daily or weekly. [journal]
newspaper (community)
A community newspaper must contain a maximum ratio of 70% advertising, including all enclosures, to 30% news/editorial/community notices content, be published not more than three times a week, serve the community in which it is published through its news and editorial content and not be a newsletter intended for a special interest group. [journeaux communautaires]
non-letter carrier delivery route
A delivery route where delivery service is provided by means other than a letter carrier. [itinéraire non desservi par facteur]
non-letter carrier office
A postal facility which does not operate as a letter carrier terminal. [bureau sans service de facteur]
non-mailable matter
Items and articles prescribed as non-mailable matter by Section 3 of the Prohibited Mail Regulations and other regulations. (objet inadmissible)
See National Presortation Schematic. [Schéma de tri préliminaire national (STPN)]
See Optical Character Reader. [lecteur optique de caractères (LOC)]
See Oversize. [article surdimensionné (Surd.)]
office of delivery
The postal facility that will deliver the mail. [bureau de livraison]
office of deposit; induction location; originating office
A Canada Post facility where a customer is authorized to deposit mail. [installation de dépôt; emplacement pour le dépôt; bureau d’origine]
Official First Day Cover
Specially printed envelope sold at philatelic counters and by mail order from the National Philatelic Centre used in conjunction with the stamp to which it relates. [pli Premier Jour officiel]
on-time delivery guarantee
Canada Post offers replacement service or credit equivalent to the shipment charges (transportation charges), if the customer’s shipment is not delivered on time, as measured against the published delivery standards, in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions. [garantie de livraison à temps]
Optical Character Reader (OCR)
A machine that reads the Postal CodeOM on mail. [lecteur optique de caractères (LOC)]
Service enhancement which is not provided automatically as part of the basic service. The customer must select the option by checking a box, or affixing an additional label, or sticker, or using the specified indicia (additional fees may apply). [option]
origin-destination table
The table within SERP software which identifies distance-based pricing structure
It is based on the National Presortation Schematic. [tableau des points d’origine et de destination]
originating city
See city mail. [centre urbain d’origine]
originating office
See office of deposit [installation de dépôt; emplacement pour le dépôt; bureau d’origine]
other items (AO)
See AO mail. [autres objets (AO)]
Other Lettermail™
Any mail that does not qualify as Standard Lettermail. Oversize and Non-standard Lettermail items are included in this category. [autre article Poste-lettresMC]
out for delivery scan
This scan provides customers with status information for their time-sensitive items. The scan confirms when the item is out for delivery. [balayage à la sortie]
outstanding points of call
A point of call receiving an interim delivery mode such as general delivery although qualifying for another standard delivery mode such as community mailbox service, or door-to-door letter carrier delivery. [points de remise en suspens]
Items that exceed the standard size requirements of the service. Sizes and prices for mailing Oversize items vary by service. [article surdimensionné]
Oversize surcharge
A surcharge will apply when the length, width or thickness/height exceeds 1 metre for Priority™, Xpresspost™, Expedited Parcel™ or Regular Parcel™ services. [surtaxe pour article surdimensionné]
Any wrapped bundle which exceeds the dimension or weight of a Standard or Oversize letter, e.g. a packet, a parcel, etc. [paquet]
A wooden or plastic platform used for the conveyance of containers or brick-piled mail items. Pallets are also referred to as skids. [palette]
pallet label
A piece of paper or cardboard with pre-printed or hand-written information detailing the contents and destination of the pallet. The label is attached to two sides of a pallet. [étiquette de palette]
parcel delivery
Delivery of parcel-type mail by motor vehicle. [distribution des colis]
Parcel Services
In general, a mail service handling parcels either by air or surface. [Services des colis]
partial mailing
The portion of the total mailing deposited on one of the scheduled mailing days. Each partial mailing must comply with the minimum volume per deposit requirements for the product and be accompanied by an Order (Statement of Mailing) indicating the portion of the mailing. [dépôt partiel]
perishable article
Any matter subject to deterioration due to lengthy transmission time or exposure to extremes of heat and cold. [article périssable]
personal contact item (PCI)
An item which must be delivered by hand to the addressee or recognized representative for the purpose of obtaining a signature or for the collection of charges. [article à remettre en mains propres]
Personalized is defined as containing the name of the addressee (person the item is being sent to) plus an additional piece of information (or more) relating to that individual
Types of personalization include: address, unique membership number, account balance, points record, financial information, purchase history
Address carriers must not be personalized with more than the address block information (name and address) of the addressee. The address block can include the keyline addressee account code (e.g., subscriber account number)
A personalized enclosure with a publication can only be accepted in Publications Mail as co-packaged Personalized Mail or Lettermail, if applicable, with the exception of a renewal notice
If personalized editorial content is part of the page count of a host publication, it is then considered an integral part of the publication itself and not an enclosure, therefore would be priced with the host publication. [personnalisé]
Personalized Mail™
Personalized Mail mailings are defined as mailable items that all have the same purpose and the same goal, the content does not have to be identical. The primary intention (main messaging) of the mail items is to motivate an individual to take action by:
promoting a product, service, program or event
soliciting donations or contributions
reporting on financial performance, primarily for promotional purposes, or
supporting your loyalty card program. Includes all mailings relating to loyalty card programs. Excludes credit and/or debit cards with or without reward points
For more on Personalized Mail product qualification criteria, please refer to the Personalized Mail Customer Guide at [Courrier personnaliséMC]
phantom price
An amount of additional postage payable for a mailing that does not meet the minimum volume requirement. [tarif compensatoire]
point of call
An actual or potential business or residential point of delivery. [point de remise]
points of call served
Total number of authorized delivery locations. [points de remise desservis]
To deposit mail in a mail receiver, post office or leave with a person authorized by Canada Post to receive mailable matter. [poster]
post box
A public mailbox. [boîte aux lettres]
post office box
Usually set in post office walls in groups. Mail is sorted by indidvidual box number from the employee working area. It is removed by the customer after unlocking the door on the public side with the key supplied when the box is rented. Also known as a PO Box. [case postale]
The charge or surcharge payable for the collection, transmission and delivery by Canada Post of messages, information, funds or goods and for Coverage (liability coverage) or other special services provided by Canada Post in relation thereto. [port]
postage paid
A term used in lieu of a postage stamp to show that postage has been authorized by Canada Post. [port payé]
postage stamp
Any stamp, postage impression or postage meter impression authorized by Canada Post for the purpose of paying postage. [timbre-poste]
Postal CodeOM
A six-character alphanumeric code in the form of ANA NAN, in which “A” represents a letter of the alphabet, and “N” represents a number. It is an integral part of every postal address in Canada and was designed to help sort mail, both mechanically and manually. [Code postalMO]
Note: “Postal CodeOM” is also an official mark of Canada Post.
Postal Code Targeting
Postal Code Targeting service provides customers the ability to target a specific geographic / demographic at the Postal Code level. Postal Code Targeting is a Standard Machineable mail item with a unique 2D barcode printed on each mail item. During processing, Canada Post’s automated equipment will spray the address found within the 2D barcode on the item. The mail item will then be sequenced for delivery. [Ciblage par code postal]
postal facility
Any building or portion thereof used for postal purposes. [établissement postal; installation postale]
postal indicia
A Postal Indicia is a marking that identifies the service name and the customer number. It must be printed or applied to each mail item when paying by commercial account. The indicia must be created by using Canada Post-supplied artwork. [vignette postale]
postal station
Facility operated in larger urban centres to provide counter and delivery services for heavily populated areas some distance from the main post office. [succursale postale]
A marking applied to a cover to show the date and point of mailing or arrival. [cachet postal; marque postale]
pre-authorized payment
An automatic transfer of funds from a customer’s account to Canada Post’s account carried out periodically at the request of the customer. [paiement automatique]
prepaid container
A flat rate, postage-included container into which documents and non-documents may be inserted. In the case of U.S.A. and international shipments, only documents can be inserted. [contenant prépayé]
prepaid label
Flat rate, postage-included labels which are affixed to documents and non-documents for transmission. [étiquette prépayée]
See mail presortation. [tri préliminaire; tri préliminaire du courrier]
presort software
A software designed to presort according to the specifications outlined in the Presort Technical Specifications. [progiciel de tri préliminaire]
Presort Technical Specifications
A document intended specifically to provide developers of presortation softwares with Canada Post presortation requirements. [Spécifications techniques visant le tri préliminaire (STTP)]
A Parcel service that provides guaranteed on-time delivery by next day for local, regional and national between most major urban centres. Priority™ items must be shipped in Canada for delivery in Canada. [PrioritéMC]
progressive pricing
Pricing process where the item is subject to a base price plus an additional per gram charge. [tarif progressif]
prohibited mail
Article not acceptable for mailing as defined by statute, agreement or regulations. [article interdit]
prohibitory order
“Order made under Section 43 of the Canada Post Corporation Act whereby any person who uses the mail to commit an offence or aids, procures or counsels any person to commit an offence or with intent to commit an offence uses the mail to accomplish such an object, is served with an order prohibiting delivery of mail to that person.” [décret d’interdiction]
An official document used to authorize one person to act for another. [procuration]
Publications Mail™ item
Magazines and newspapers in print form containing news and miscellaneous information, such as articles, features and advertising
Newsletters in print form, non-promotional in nature, containing news or information to a membership, special interest group or association and are usually in the form of printed sheets, pamphlets or small newspapers (newsletters may include some advertising)
Contains a maximum ratio of 70% advertising to 30% news/editorial (including editorial content sponsored by an advertiser) in no more than 50% of the issues in any 12-month period. [article Poste-publicationsMC]
Postage charged per unit of measurement on the various types of mail. Also referred to as “price”. [tarif]
readability requirements
Our readability requirements ensure that Canada Post’s automated equipment can find and read the address on each of your mail items. [exigences lisibilité]
A term indicating that the addressee has declined to accept the mail item. [refusé]
Registered Mail™
A service that provides the sender with a mailing receipt and secures the signature of the addressee, a print of the signature and the date upon delivery of the item. [Courrier recommandé]
The act of registering an item. See registered mail. [recommandation]
Regular Parcel™
A domestic parcel service which is transmitted to the addressee by surface. [Colis standardMC]
renewal notice
Printed notification, which may be personalized, to a subscriber about the status of the subscription and options for renewal of the Publications Mail item
Renewal notices may also contain subscription offers for the Publications Mail item or other publications or may be for renewal of request subscriptions. [avis de renouvellement]
A printed document that describes the findings of some individual or group on a single subject. [rapport]
repositionable notes
Adhesive repositionable notes can be adhered to a publication or its enclosures up to a maximum of three layers Visit for more information. [note repositionnable]
residential distribution
The delivery of mail to a residential address. [distribution résidentielle]
Mail items that could not be grouped and/or containerized to any National Presortation Schematic (NPS) levels. [résiduaire]
retail counter
A place in a postal facility where postal products may be purchased by and provided to the general public. [comptoir de vente au détail]
Retail Postal Outlet (RPO); postal outlet
A facility, generally established in an urban area, operated by an individual or a corporation under a specific agreement, for the purpose of providing postal retail sales and services and, in some cases, limited delivery services to the general public. [comptoir postal]
retail product
Any product not related to postal services sold by Canada Post. [produit de détail]
return envelope
An envelope used by letter carriers to return undeliverable items following completion of a tour of duty. [enveloppe de retour]
return label; Return Service label
A service which allows the customer to enclose a Return Label in the mail item. The addressee can return the item and have the charges billed back to the original shipper. [étiquette de retour; étiquette du Service de retour]
Return Service contract
A contract for large volume customers who generate more than 10,000 Priority™, Xpresspost™, Expedited Parcel™ and Regular Parcel™ item returns a year. [Convention relative au Service de retour]
Return to Sender (RTS)
Term indicating that the mail item is to be returned to the sender as it is undeliverable, does not bear postage, is short paid or bears a DO NOT FORWARD endorsement and the addressee has filed a Mail Forwarding request. [renvoi à l’expéditeur]
ride-along publication
A complimentary, promotional copy of another title or the same title (a separate newspaper, magazine or newsletter that has not been requested) per mailing up to six times in a calendar year with the intention of building subscription levels (such as enclosing a Business Reply Mail item for the ride-along title)
Must be clearly identified on the cover or on a separate sheet, card or overcover with the words “COMPLIMENTARY” or “FREE ISSUE/COPY” (or similar wording). [publication d’accompagnement]
See distribution. [acheminement]
See Retail Postal Outlet. [comptoir postal]
See Rural Route. [route rurale (RR)]
rural area
The area to which mail delivery service is provided from a non-letter carrier post office including rural mail delivery. [secteur rural]
rural mailbox (RMB)
Privately owned mailbox for the delivery and collection of mail along a rural route. [boîte aux lettres rurale (BLR)]
rural route (RR)
System for collection and delivery of mail, and for the transaction of other postal business with customers residing in rural areas. [route rurale (RR)]
Safe Drop
When an item will not fit in the receiver’s regular mail receptacle, leaving it in a Safe Drop location will be considered. To be considered as a Safe Drop, the item cannot be left in the open (e.g. door step). A Safe Drop card, indicating the location of the Safe Drop, is left at the time of delivery. At the time of mailing, a customer may instruct that the item NOT be Safe Dropped by adding the notation DO NOT SAFE DROP on the address label. A delivery attempt will be made and if no one is available to receive the item, a Delivery Notice Card will be left. Items requiring a signature will not be safe dropped. [livraison en lieu sûr]
Non-printed matter in a trial size portion of an actual product. [échantillon]
beauty seal: less than a single use of a cosmetic product sealed and attached to a page or to another acceptale enclosure in a way that does not substantially increase the thickness of the page or the enclosure
promotional/novelty item: a non-personalized item used to promote a brand name, a product or a service; a promotional/novelty item may be an actual product provided that it is intended as a trial to be used, displayed or worn by the reader of the publication
scent strip: a portion of a page or of an acceptable enclosure that is impregnated with a fragrance (less than a single use) in such a way that the scent cannot be released during normal postal handling.
To separate mail by its physical characteristics. [séparer]
A self-mailer is a printed piece folded in such a way that it can be mailed without an envelope. [envoi à découvert]
One or more items tendered at one time and place by one shipper for shipment to one consignee. [envoi]
A sender of a shipment. [expéditeur de courrier]
shortpaid mail
Mail bearing insufficient postage. [courrier insuffisamment affranchi]
An option selected by the customer for a service whereby Canada Post obtains the signature of the addressee or the addressee’s representative upon delivery of a Priority™, Xpresspost™, Expedited Parcel™ or Regular Parcel™ item. [option Signature]
Signature Hard Copy
A service whereby the mailer can request a hard copy of the signature which Canada Post obtained from the addressee or the addressee’s representative upon delivery of a Priority™, Xpresspost™, Expedited Parcel™, Regular Parcel™ or domestic Registered Mail™ item. [Copie de la signature]
single deposit
All items that are deposited by the customer at one time in one day, on a single Order at one location, unless otherwise agreed in writing by Canada Post and the customer. [dépôt unique; dépôt simple]
single mailing
See single deposit. [dépôt simple]
See street mailbox. [boîte aux lettres publiques (BLP)]
Phrase inserted in the die hub of a cancelling machine that appears in the postmark when letters are cancelled. See cachet. [oblitération avec texte]
small packet
An international package weighing up to 2 kg, usually containing goods. [petit paquet]
Smartmail Marketing™
Smartmail Marketing is an approach to direct mail that uses its most powerful attributes to amplify the impact of your marketing. [Marketing IntelliposteMC]
Solutions for Small Business™
Solutions for Small Business is tailored to offer small businesses powerful ways to operate more productively and profitably. No contract is required and it's free to join. Solutions for Small Business customers benefit from end-to-end services and tools including:
E-commerce solutions
Marketing solutions
Shipping solutions
Pricing rewards
Exclusive offers
[Solution pour petites entreprisesMC]
sort; sortation
Separation or division of mail according to post offices, transportation routes, counties, provinces, states or countries, or according to local delivery methods, e.g. general delivery, post office boxes, letter carrier routes, or postal station separations. [tri]
souvenir sheet
A mini-sheet containing one or more stamps, similar or different, and a printed commemorative inscription. [bloc-feuillet; feuillet-souvenir]
special handling
A mail preparation and presortation option available for Personalized Mail and Publications Mail services. [Courrier nécessitant une manutention spéciale]
special mailing
Large mailings of an irregular nature such as election notices or income tax forms. [dépôt spécial]
special service
A service as defined under the Special Service and Fees Regulations of the Canada Post Corporation Act and Regulations. [services spéciaux]
specimen, scientific
Cultures and specimens of a scientific nature that may be mailed under strict regulations. [échantillon scientifique]
station (STN)
A delivery facility as per level 1 of the National Presortation Schematic (NPS). [succursale (SUCC)]
statutory holiday
Public holiday authorized by statute. [jour férié]
See station. [succursale (SUCC)]
street letter box (SLB)
See street mailbox. [boîte aux lettres publique (BLP)]
street mailbox; street letter box (SLB)
A box for posting mail, placed at sites convenient to the public such as street corners, shopping centres and public transit locations. [boîte aux lettres publique (BLP)]
suburban service
Delivery by contractor to group mailboxes usually near or on the perimeters of urban areas. [service suburbain]
supplier account
Supplier account is used by meter customers to pay for parcel shipments from the same account used to fill the postage meter. Instead of applying a meter impression, a shipping label is created using Electronic Shipping Tools (EST) or an approved shipping platform. [compte de fournisseur]
Additional cost of tax levied for a specific reason. [surtaxe; droit supplémentaire]
surface mail
Mail transported by land or water. [courrier de surface]
A questionnaire that seeks to gather information or opinions. [sondage]
tagged stamp
Stamp invisibly marked during production to make it positively identifiable to an automatic facer canceller. [timbre-poste marqué]
tariff number
An international standardized code for each commodity that must be entered on the Bill of Lading, if available. [numéro de tarif]
The dimension which is perpendicular to the address side of a mail item. [épaisseur]
Third Party Shipping System Software
Computer software developed by a third party for the use by qualified commercial mailers to establish pricing of products and services, as well as prepare Canada Post shipping labels and electronic or manual manifests. [logiciel d’expédition par tierce partie (LETP)]
A service option which may be requested by the Publications Mail customer which are mailed relatively frequently and meet specific criteria. [à délai convenu]
Track and Trace; Tracking system
A system that utilizes barcode technology to determine the transit and delivery status of an item. [Pistage et repérage; Système de repérage]
Tracked Packet™
A reliable shipping service for small and lightweight items, less than 1 kg, to the U.S.A. and less than 2 kg to select international destinations.
Formal records of institutional meetings or formal proceedings. [transcription de comptes rendus officiels]
transportation fee
Customers who choose to deposit Neighbourhood Mail other than at the office of delivery must pay Canada Post this fee to transport the items to the office of delivery. [frais de transport]
Undeliverable Mail
See also Undeliverable Mail at Mail that for any reason cannot be delivered to the addressee. This category also includes any mail the delivery of which is prohibited by law or is refused by the addressee. Mail is also considered undeliverable if it does not bear a complete address, the addressee has moved without providing a forwarding address, it is refused by the addressee or the postage due is not paid by the customer, or the addressee, on demand. [envoi non distribuable]
underpaid mail
See shortpaid mail. [courrier insuffisamment affranchi]
Universal Postal Union (UPU)
International body, with headquarters in Bern, Switzerland, co-ordinating the postal interests of worldwide postal organizations. [Union postale universelle (UPU)]
Addressee does not reside at address given and is unknown to delivery personnel. [inconnu]
unpaid mail
Mail that does not bear any postage. [courrier non affranchi]
See Universal Postal Union. [Union postale universelle (UPU)]
urban area
The area to which mail delivery service is provided from any letter carrier post office including any letter carrier, rural route or other route serving an urban forward sortation area. [secteur urbain]
volumetric equivalent of actual weight (VE)
Volumetric equivalent of actual weight is not a unit of measure or a mass or a volume. It is a tool developed from long industry experience of typical parcel densities that allows more accurate pricing of an item given its weight and the space it occupies in a truck or an airplane. [équivalent volumétrique du poids réel (ÉV)]
voting ballot
An official document used to cast or register a secret vote (blank generic nomination, registration, entry or similar type forms are not considered voting ballots and are acceptable enclosures). [bulletin de vote]
See letter carrier route (LCR). [itinéraire de facteur]
Facing the address side of a mail item, it is the shortest dimension. [largeur]
Plastic or paper covering (e.g., polybag or envelope) that allows secure enclosure of promotional and/or editorial materials along with the host publication. [emballage]
A domestic parcel service for documents, packets and parcels which must be deposited in Canada. [XpresspostMC]
Xpresspost™ - USA
A service for documents and parcels to the U.S.A., its territories and possessions, providing Delivery Confirmation and service guarantees. Items must bear an Xpresspost - USA barcoded shipping label. [XpresspostMC É.-U.]
XpresspostLast updated January 14, 2019™ - International
A service for documents and parcels to participating international destination. It provides Delivery Confirmation and service guarantees. Items must bear an Xpresspost - International barcoded shipping label. [XpresspostMC - International]
ZIP Code
A United States Postal Service term for their type of Postal CodeOM. ZIP stands for “Zone Improvement Plan.” [code ZIP]

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