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Effective: 2020-01-13


What Is Library Materials Service?

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Library Materials is a service accessible to recognized public libraries, university libraries, or other libraries maintained by non-profit organizations or associations and which are for public use in Canada. It is available for eligible library materials that are mailed by a library to its patrons or to a borrowing library for use by their patrons.

Library Materials may consist of books, magazines, records, CDs, CD-ROMs, audiocassettes, videocassettes, DVDs and other audiovisual materials and other similar library materials.

Authorization will not be given for materials exchanged between libraries and between libraries and their patrons, when the library is operated as a commercial enterprise or when the library restricts its membership to a specific group of patrons. Library Materials will accept only material which consist wholly of reading matter and contain no advertising or administrative materials other than incidental notification of books and that are circulated between libraries (for use of their patrons).

Library Materials shipments must be transmitted in appropriate packaging provided by the shipper, and must bear a complete address, including the correct Postal CodeOM.

To ship items at Library Materials prices, a library must complete a Library Materials Service Application Form and be authorized by the Canadian Urban Libraries Council (CULC). Visit the Canadian Urban Libraries Council website at to obtain the form. Libraries must complete the application form and return it directly to the Canadian Urban Libraries Council (details can be found on the form). Authorization of the application form provides access to the Library Materials prices, Library Shipping Tool and Canada Post’s Electronic Shipping Tools (EST).


Unacceptable Items

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Items as specified under Canada Post’s Non-mailable Matter Regulations.



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A Library Materials Barcoded Return Label may be enclosed in the Library Materials shipment. Each shipment must contain only one return label.


Size and Weight

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Each Library Materials item must meet the size and weight specifications shown in Table 1.

Table 1: Library Materials size and weight
Length: 1 m; Length + Girth: 2 m
5 kg
100 mm
70 mm
1 mm


Pricing Information

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Library Materials prices are only available to customers using an electronic shipping system [Library Shipping Tool, Electronic Shipping Tools (EST) or Express Order Entry (EOE)].

Customers must also be a registered library with the Canadian Urban Libraries Council. Visit the CULC website at to obtain the Library Materials Service Application Form.


Payment Options

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Acceptable proofs of payment and methods of payment for Library Materials items (some restrictions or conditions may apply):

Proofs of payment
Methods of payment
  • postage stamps*
  • shipping label must indicate payment by credit card.
  • credit card (where available)
  • postage stamps.
Customers using the Library Shipping Tools may use postage stamps (pre-affixed, or affixed at a post office upon payment of the postage amount indicated on the shipping label).


Delivery Standards at a Glance

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The delivery standards for Library Materials items are shown in Table 2. These delivery standards are not guaranteed. Delivery standards are for Major Urban Centres only and are estimates of how long it will take for the mail to be delivered.

Table 2: Delivery standards for the Library Materials service
Delivery Zone
Delivery Standard
2 business days*
3 to 5 business days between major urban centres*
4 to 9 business days between major urban centres*
Some exceptions apply.

Delivery standards for Library Materials are the same as for the Regular Parcel™ service. See Section 4.4 Regular Parcel™ of Delivery Standards for complete details.



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A feature is something that is provided as part of the basic service. The available features are described below.


Delivery Confirmation (Tracking)

This feature provides positive confirmation that the item arrived at its destination. Upon delivery, or attempted delivery, the tracking number is scanned and the date captured. The information is usually available by noon the next business day following delivery via an automated phone response system by calling 1‑888‑550‑6333 or via the Internet.

For Library Materials, Delivery Confirmation does not include Liability Coverage.


Return Postage Paid

The price of Library Materials includes return postage. No postage is required on the return shipment, provided a Library Materials Barcoded Return Label is used. Each shipment must contain only one return label and the label must be used for the return of the original shipment.

Photocopies of the return label are not acceptable. If the return shipment is split, the other portions will be treated as separate shipments and subject to the applicable prices for Regular Parcel™ service.


Return to Sender

Library Materials that cannot be delivered will be returned to sender at no additional charge.



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An option is a service enhancement which is not included as part of the basic service.

There are no options available for Library Materials.


Labels and Documentation Required

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All labels (shipping labels and return labels) must be barcoded and be produced by Library Shipping Tool or EST. Failure to do so will result in the application of full tariff Regular Parcel™ prices.



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All items must bear a complete Canadian address (destination and return) including a correct Postal CodeOM. See Addressing Guidelines for complete details.


Deposit of Library Materials

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The customer can deposit Library Materials items at any one of the following locations:

  • at a post office
  • at a processing plant
  • in a street letter box when using the Library Shipping Tool or the Electronic Shipping Tools (EST) and paying by credit card, or when postage is pre-affixed to the item (or label).


Terms and Conditions

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Library Materials are governed by the terms and conditions applicable to Regular Parcel™ service. See for more information.


Customer Service Glossary General Terms and Conditions Canada Post Corporation Act and Regulations