How to Set Up a Commercial Agreement
with Canada Post

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Effective: 2019-01-14


The Basics

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Customers wishing to apply for a Commercial Agreement with Canada Post must contact their Sales Representative or the Commercial Service Network at 1-800-260-7678. A Canada Post representative will help the customer select the appropriate solution and complete the necessary forms, such as an Agreement Activation Form, a Credit Application Form and any other documentation required by Canada Post.

Once all completed documentation is approved, Canada Post will provide the customer with a copy of all the required documentation, along with a Customer Number, an Agreement Number and any other identification number required.


Agreement Activation form

In order to establish a Commercial Agreement with Canada Post, customers who meet certain conditions must complete the appropriate Agreement Activation Form (40-076-718E). The form captures the information below which Canada Post needs to provide to the customer for use on all Orders (Statements of Mailing):

  • a unique customer Account number
  • an Agreement number.

The Agreement Activation Form, together with each applicable Customer Guide for each service selected (a copy of which the customer has access to at and all documents referenced in the Customer Guide, constitutes the entire Agreement with Canada Post. The customer’s signature on the Order confirms that the customer has acknowledged and read the terms and conditions stated on the back of the source documentation or those presented by the Electronic Shipping Tools (EST) and accepted by the user.


Credit Application form

The Credit Application Form (40-070-051E) captures the information required to establish a customer account and evaluate credit requirements. This form sets out some of the financial terms and conditions for the customer’s account and enables customers to also sign up for pre-authorized payment. Discussions with the Commercial Service Network or the Credit Assessment Group will determine if the customer must complete the Credit Application Form. Please visit to obtain a Credit Application Form.


Where to call for more information

To set up an Agreement, please contact the Commercial Service Network at 1-800-260-7678.

For more information regarding the Credit Application Form, please contact the Credit Assessment Group at 1-800-267-7651.


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