Canada Postal Guide
The Canada Postal Guide contains detailed information on products and services offered by Canada Post for mailing within Canada, to the U.S.A. or an International destination.
General Information

ABCs of Mailing
Addressing Guidelines
Customer Service
Customs Requirements
Delivery Standards
How to Set Up a Commercial Agreement with Canada Post
International Destination Listing
Non-mailable Matter
Paying For Your Mailing
Undeliverable Mail

Neighbourhood Mail
Parcel Services: Personalized Mail™
Registered Mail (Domestic)
U.S.A. and International

Parcel Services: Registered Mail™
Other Products and Services

Canadian Forces Postal Service
Government Mail Free of Postage
Hold Mail
International Reply Coupon
Library Materials
Literature for the Blind
Mail Forwarding service
Money Orders
Philatelic Products
Postal Boxes

General Terms and Conditions Customer Service Glossary Canada Post Corporation Act and Regulations