The epost Connect™ platform guarantees all sensitive and confidential information you send is protected with bank-grade encryption. Secure your confidential files, documents and messages sent digitally.

Protect your reputation and deliver with trust and confidentiality all critical documents including:

  • Bills and invoices
  • Account statements
  • Insurance policies
  • Legal documents
  • Tax documents
  • Health and medical documents
  • Banking, investment and financial documents
  • Benefits documents

epost Connect: One secure service, two ways to use it

epost Connect – Bulk Distribution

With epost Connect Bulk Distribution, you can securely, efficiently and cost effectively send, receive and track large volumes of electronic data and confidential files, including bills, customer invoices, account statements, insurance policies, legal documents and more.

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epost Connect – Collaboration

With epost Connect Collaboration you can enjoy secure, two-way communication that enables you to converse with customers, clients and colleagues, and exchange confidential messages, files and documents with single or multiple participants simultaneously.

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Secure digital delivery of your critical documents with the enhanced ability to connect and collaborate with your recipients.

epost Connect is the digital delivery platform with bank-grade encryption that facilitates sending and receiving confidential messages and documents with one or multiple recipients.

epost Connect also enables seamless, secure collaboration with one or many customers, clients, colleagues, partners and suppliers through one common platform.

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epost Connect easily enables you to:

  • Exchange confidential messages and documents of any size efficiently and securely.
  • Collaborate and converse securely on documents.
  • Send and receive in one-to-one or one-to-many mode with customers, clients, colleagues, partners and suppliers.

epost Connect can also help your organization meet its privacy compliance requirements.


  • epost Connect protects your sensitive information and confidential files with unique legal protection and secure encryption.
  • epost Connect is the only secure messaging service that offers protection for your documents, files and messages under the Canada Post Corporation Act and the Criminal Code of Canada. This means that tampering with messages or files is an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada.


  • Certified and accredited for Protected B level of protected information, as defined by the Treasury Board of Canada, epost Connect supports your organization’s privacy compliance requirements.

Cost savings

  • Sending messages and documents through epost Connect costs far less than sending the same items using secure physical delivery methods.

Instant delivery

  • With epost Connect, messages, documents and files of any size are delivered to recipients instantly, leading to more efficient work processes, quicker response rates and improved cash flow through faster bill payment.


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