epost provides safety and convenience for tax season

Posted on Feb. 24, 2014 by CPO in News Releases

Ottawa (ON) – With tax season in full swing, many Canadians may feel the strain of tracking down and managing their financial paperwork. eposttm, Canada Post’s free digital mailbox service, can help Canadians better manage their household finances by ensuring the digital exchange of information is both convenient and secure.

Financial paperwork in one location
More than 8 million Canadians have registered for epost and have access to more than 250 online bills and statements. Thousands of organizations distribute payroll statements and tax documents – such as T4s – via epost. epost delivers other bills and statements too, including phone, utilities, internet and municipal tax statements. epost offers the convenience of having all of those bills and statements in one location, making it easier to file your monthly expenses and income taxes.

Secure storage
The Canadian Revenue Agency recommends keeping supporting documents from your tax return for six years. epost allows you to securely store your bills and pay statements for up to seven years. In addition, epost offers a secure storage solution – Vaulttm – to keep important documents, such as receipts and completed tax returns. It is the only secure online storage service where files are encrypted both in transit and at rest. All epost and Vault files are stored in Canada, and all personal information is protected by Canadian privacy laws.

Tax return-related savings
In addition to epost’s everyday convenience and security, epost users are entitled to a 20% discount off online software from TurboTax. Visit for more information.

About epost
epost is the free digital mailbox that helps busy Canadians simplify their lives by offering one place, one login and one password to manage their household bills and essential documents. Fully integrated with your bank, epost makes it easier than ever to consolidate and pay your bills. Bank-grade security protects sensitive information while reminders help avoid late fees. epost also stores all bills and statements for up to seven years. epost allows Canadians to stay better organized, and save time and money. Sign up and add your bills today at