eBay sellers are now able to sync their eBay orders with Shippo

Posted on July 20, 2017 by Canada Post in Important Updates

eBay sellers are now able to sync their eBay orders with Shippo and have access to Canada Post Shipping labels. Shippo can be used to get rates and purchase shipping labels across multiple channels, all from one platform. There are many features to support businesses, including the ability to track, create and print batch labels, manage orders across multiple channels, and international documentation for shipping to customers abroad. To connect eBay with Shippo, users have to sign up or log in to their Shippo account and then connect to eBay.

As eBay merchants transition to the new shipping platform to create mailing labels, Canada Post wants to ensure they continue to have a positive customer experience. We have provided detailed information regarding the new eBay shipping labels to our Canada Post outlets to ensure the shipments inducted are processed without issues. Should the Canada Post clerk at your local Post Office or retail outlet have difficulty processing your shipment, Canada Post’s guidance is for sellers to encourage the clerk to contact Canada Post’s help desk for support. Alternatively, if it fits, you could drop your parcel into a Canada Post mailbox anywhere in Canada.

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