10 Ways To Boost Your Response Rates Now - Part 1

Posted on Oct. 19, 2012 by @direct_cpc in Marketing solutions

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Discover the latest, must know strategies that can dramatically impact the response of your direct marketing…

1. Go variable and get really personal

Oh sure, marketers have been able to change recipient names forever. But that’s not “personalization” according to Cosmo Mariano, partner at LIFT Agency in Aurora, Ont.

“It’s about making your brand personal. And you can do that in two ways.First, you personalize the media with technologies like variable printing, personalized e-mail, dynamic Websites or personal URLs. Second, you need to translate the brand in a way that’s meaningful in the personalized, direct format. That’s where a new world of possibilities opens up, where it is possible to create an entirely new value proposition for each individual customer in one campaign.” It’s not as complicated as it sounds—for a detailed case study of how customization works, see our ROI feature on page 14.  Once marketers see how it works for their businesses, says Mariano, they can’t imagine how they went without it. “In our experience, I’ve never seen it do worse than double a response rate, and I’ve easily seen five, 10, 20 times that.”

2. Make your offer about savings

Let’s face it, given the current economy, whatever you emphasized last year in your direct mail offer isn’t necessarily going to work this year, advises Brian Bimm, CEO of BIMM Communications Group in Toronto. “Now is the time to test offers that emphasize value and savings,” he says. “This can work for any marketer. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the luxury market, retail, real estate or travel — people are more influenced by value and savings than they were before.”

3. Give ‘em different ways to respond

“There’s a push to interact through multiple channels,” says John Wright, president of Toronto-based Wunderman. This means you might want to try to diversify inbound and outbound channels. “If you give people a choice to reach you, they’re more likely to respond,” explains Wright. “Customers want to be in control,” he adds. “Today, ‘CRM’ really means ‘customers really manage’ not ‘customer relationship management’ anymore.”

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