10 Ways To Boost Your Response Rates Now - Part 3

Posted on Nov. 02, 2012 by @direct_cpc in Marketing solutions

7-10 ways to

8. Stand out from the clutter 

In certain circumstance, dimensional mail done right can really move people out of the “flat space” and into the “entertainment space,” says Wright. “People are going to other channels and getting video right in front of them. If you’re going to compete with that kind of experience, your mail needs entertainment value. We’ve used very specific dimensional pieces to break through mailbox clutter and deliver a wow [response].”

Wright cautions that dimensional mail has to be done right, however: namely, be very specific and niche-oriented, and that the cost of the campaign versus the profit potential has to make business sense.

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9. Try Viral DM

LIFT agency coined this term after launching a tremendously success referral campaign for Dewalt Tools Canada. As part of an opt-in direct marketing campaign in 2008, recipients were given a coupon book to hand out to friends. Each customer gained points toward a Dewalt prize every time a friend redeemed a coupon. “Once people recognized we were tracking the coupons they gave to their buddies, they knew it was credible and it went gangbusters. We had over a 50 per cent response rate and thousands and thousands of referrals. The viral component alone generated more than enough revenue to pay for the campaign,” adds Mariano.

10. Finally, surprise them

Increase the engagement factor of unaddressed mail by using what Bimm calls an “involvement device.” This is essentially any mechanism that invites physical interaction with the piece and gets recipients to spend more time with it. For example, BIMM tipped a ruler onto Telus’s unaddressed back-to-school mailing, which proved to be so successful, the same campaign was used again this year. “An involvement device can counter some of the lost impact because unaddressed mail is not personalized.”

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