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Posted on Dec. 14, 2012 by @direct_cpc in Marketing solutions

8-Driving Marketers

We are faced with over 5,000 marketing messages on a daily basis—including everything from a 30-second spot on TV to a banner ad on a web page, an outdoor billboard on the highway or a logo on a T-shirt. Unfortunately, we only retain, on average, four of those messages. We’re hard-pressed to remember the name of the advertiser in even those four.

We can help

Our FREE program is designed to provide agencies and advertisers with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to design and deliver an integrated cross-media strategy combining physical—specifically direct mail—with digital and traditional media to produce more sales and better ROI.

Canada Post and its industry partners are pleased to provide agencies and advertisers with key concepts, best practices, relevant case studies and much more to help them improve customer acquisition, retention and growth.

We’ll come to you 

We are planning a series of half-day in-person workshops to be held with marketing agency teams through the first half of 2013. These workshops will underscore the value of DM, as well as the fundamentals for executing successful integrated campaigns.

Contact us for more information and collateral, to see where we’re speaking, and to arrange your own in-house workshop at your agency.


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