Campaign - Results have us rethinking the possibilities of mail

Posted on May 21, 2013 by @direct_cpc in Marketing solutions

We sent you a ball. And we asked you to play.

Non-branded mail piece generates a 150% overall response rate
In a multi-channel world, it’s easy to overlook the power of direct mail. So does direct mail still have a role to play in a successful integrated campaign? This is exactly what Canada Post set out to prove in our campaign.

We sent a non-branded piece in the mail (a ball in a tube) to 1,053 members of Canada’s leading advertising agencies. 877 of the recipients went to the specially created website to find out more.

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Yes, your math is right – that is an 83% response rate
People who went to the website were invited to create a short video, using the ball. The prize was $1,000 to the winner’s favourite charity and bragging rights. Design and marketing professionals were soon uploading remarkably creative results.

Soon after, a split follow-up campaign sent 650 people a direct mail piece reminding them of the contest’s closing date, while another 363 received an email instead. This time, recipients going to the site were reminded to share and vote for their favourite video.

Voting increased by 300% over the average after each “lift” communication
At the end of the campaign, the initial 1,053 pieces of direct mail had driven over 1,600 unique visitors to the site where they spent an average of almost 4 minutes per visit looking at stories, voting, and sharing. Visitors chose to share on their social networks 223 times.

Voting spike to 300% over average

So, how did direct mail help to create a 150% response rate on the Bounce Me web site? The following factors all play a part:

  • An intriguing design and packaging for the actual piece of physical mail
  • Targeted recipients instead of a “spray ‘n pray” approach
  • A fun call for action that appealed to philanthropic, creative and competitive motives
  • Lift follow-up with an easy call for action (vote)
  • Direct mail can easily be handled/seen by more than one person.

Leading marketers know that effective reach is all about coming up with the appropriate channel mix for today’s segmented audience.

See the full case study to find out how mail, when used as part of a well-planned cross-media campaign, has the power to intrigue, engage and drive people to take action.


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