Do 9 out of 10 people open your marketing piece?

Posted on May 30, 2013 by @direct_cpc in Marketing solutions

They do if it’s direct mail – because 89% of Canadians will open an interesting looking piece of direct mail.

Perhaps that’s why Google, the emperor of online marketing, uses direct mail. It’s a direct channel straight into the hands—and minds—of potential and current customers. That’s why direct mail is Canadians’ preferred media to receive promotional messages.

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Creative agencies and marketing professionals are taking advantage of the full reach of direct mail by using an increasingly sophisticated array of consumer information to combine:

  • Customer research
  • Design (visual, tactile, and even sound & scent)
  • Messaging
  • Geographic targeting

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The West-coast based firm GGRP has over 40 years of experience in sound engineering. They wanted to refresh their brand with existing clients and find new ones. They worked with the Grey Vancouver agency and came up with a piece of direct mail that included an LP record whose cardboard packing became an ingenious record player (this Gold Lion award winner cost only $5000 to produce) that was sent to about 500 creative directors in Canada and the USA. The piece directly branded the company in the consciousness of the exact people who can give them business. It was a tangible demonstration of GGRP’s freshness and passion for the sound business.

89% of Canadians open a piece of direct mail that looks interesting. Your customer research defines what’s interesting to your target market and your creative team can find a way to do it within your client’s budget. New papers, laser-cutting, and digital surfacing processes are making it increasingly easy to keep print budgets down while upping design potential.

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