Direct mail ups online sales by 22%

Posted on June 11, 2013 by @direct_cpc in Marketing solutions

Geographic targeting uses economical unaddressed direct mail to hit the mark with 16-to-26-year olds in Vancouver and ups online sales for retailer by 22%.

Zelen Shoes has become a success selling specialty lines to people in their mid-teens to mid-twenties. The company’s main brands include Converse, Vans, Doc Marten, Havaianas and their own retro Zelen house brand. They’ve expanded their brick and mortar stores at the rate of just under one per year and paid attention to their customers’ shopping habits by also building a strong e-commerce presence.

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When owner Baseer Khudayar wanted to increase both website and in-store traffic and sales, he turned to Unaddressed Admail™ and took advantage of its demographic filtering and geographic targeting capabilities to reach 16 – 26-year olds who lived near his existing customers. Khudayar’s creative team created a simple mail piece with pictures of shoes and QR codes. Key messages were:

  • The best selection of shoes and service under one roof
  • Scan now to receive a discount
  • Free shipping, free exchanges

Zelen Shoes quickly saw a big increase in visits to both its mobile and traditional website—and the visits converted into an increase in revenue. “The campaign results, especially the 412% lift in mobile traffic to our e-commerce site, far exceeded our expectations,” says Khudayar, whose e-commerce sales went up by 22%.

Budget-conscious Unaddressed Admail™, carefully filtered to the right target market, was used to create awareness of Zelen Shoes’ online store and its selling points—resulting in a big sales bump that will likely sustain itself through ongoing sales to the new customers brought in by the campaign.

Now that’s real cross-media marketing!

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