Direct Mail gives Porsche dealership a dream response

Posted on June 18, 2013 by @direct_cpc in Marketing solutions

1 in 3 recipients of Lowe Roche’s clever direct mail campaign responded.

When Toronto’s Pfaff Porsche needed to market the newest Porsche 911, they reached out to the Lowe Roche Agency. The starting price tag of $125,000 presented a challenge—nobody needs a Porsche, after all. The agency created a campaign around the dream of owning a Porsche. And they used direct mail to make it tangible.

Precision targeting identified affluent neighbourhoods. On a sunny day, a team that included the brand new Porsche 911 and a photographer drove through each of the targeted areas. The premium sports car was parked in the driveway of individual homes, and the photographer got to work. A piece of direct mail was created. It showed the recipient’s own home with a Porsche in the driveway and included an offer to test drive the new 911 model.

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A whopping 32% of the mailing’s recipients followed the call to action to book a test drive on the dealership’s website. Pfaff Porsche was delighted with the results.

A typical direct mail campaign sees an already impressive average response action of 4.4% (compared to 0.12% for an email and a mere 0.04% for online display ads*). But the Pfaff Porsche campaign demonstrates the value delivered by an agency’s creativity and marketing savvy—1 in 3 potential customers responded!

The innovative team at Lowe Roche considered all the communication channels and decided that the right campaign for the target audience was best met through the high response rate of direct mail. Driving potential customers to Pfaff Porsche’s website to book the test drive brought the bonus of capturing contact data from a group that research had identified as an ideal target audience for future marketing campaigns.

*Bizo and Epsilon (2012)


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