Integrated marketing to active customers = great sales for Staples

Posted on June 25, 2013 by @direct_cpc in Marketing solutions

Office supplies giant Staples’ tests found that adding a flyer to an email campaign improved sales by a whopping 605%. With accountability and integrated media the top two concerns* for senior marketing professionals, Dwayne McMulkin, Marketing Manager at, was very happy with the metrics on a recent series of test campaigns. Staples is the world’s largest office products company – but it faces a highly competitive market and customer loyalty is fluid.

READ ALSO: Direct mail ups online sales by 22%. founded in 2003, keeps in regular contact with its active customers (businesses / individuals who have made at least one purchase in the last six months), emailing them three times a week and sending an addressed flyer every two weeks. Recently, its marketing department ran test campaigns using different combinations of its key marketing channels for active customers. Two waves of tests were sent with four combinations:

  1. Addressed Admail flyer plus email
  2. Addressed Admail flyer only
  3. Email only
  4. No contact (control group)

The results might surprise some marketers. The response rate (in the first wave) from customers who received a flyer and an email was more than six times higher than that from customers who received an email only,” revealed McMulkin ( defined a response as a purchase by a targeted customer within two weeks of receiving a communication). The second wave of the test showed similar results.

The final surprise was that, in addition to the higher response rate, customers who made a purchase after receiving the email and flyer outspent those customers who bought after receiving just an email by 544%.  Results that any marketer would be happy to report!

“The results for both waves showed that sending Addressed Admail flyers as well as emails drove customer response rates and revenues much higher than sending emails alone,” Dwayne McMulkin, Marketing Manager at         

See complete Staples case study:

*Association of National Advertisers survey, 2013



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