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Posted on June 28, 2013 by @direct_cpc in Marketing solutions

When it comes to driving sales – both online and in-store – the mailbox outperforms both email and online ads. And the odds get even better (a profitable 28 times higher) when you’re talking to existing customers.

It might seem logical to assume that email and online ads are the best mediums to drive online purchases. On the contrary, research proves that ads in the mailbox outperform email and online ads at driving online purchases.

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When Zelen Shoes, a B.C. based growing destination for Gen Y and Z online shoe shoppers, needed to compete with both national and U.S. e-commerce merchants, it decided use a direct mail campaign to drive mobile and web shoppers to their e-store. Zelen’s sent a card designed for an urban youth sensibility to postal codes where they already had a customer base. A QR code promised a discount upon scanning. The results were a marketer’s dream. “The campaign results, especially the 412% lift in mobile traffic to our website, far exceeded our expectations,” stated owner Baseer Khudayar. These visits translated into a whopping 22% increase in website sales.

Direct mail is more likely to get opened, more likely to get read, and more likely to deliver real business results.

The percentage of Canadians who made an online purchase in the last 6 months, because of an ad they saw …


Direct Mail Omnibus, CPC #12-220, January 2013


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