Key #4: Get the address right the first time

Posted on July 05, 2013 by @ship_cpc in Shipping Solutions

This post is part of our continuing series on platform integration supporting our e-commerce web services.

You probably already know that one way to help consumers through the conversion funnel is to shorten the registration and checkout processes. You also almost certainly know that delivery failures and returns caused by inaccurate and incomplete addresses can eat into the profits of your merchant customers.

What if you could add one feature to your e-commerce platform or extension that would single-handedly tackle both issues? A feature that ensures addresses are accurate and that reduces keystrokes by 80%?

Pitfall: Failing to recognize address entry as an important component of the online shopping experience. Assuming that shoppers know their correct shipping address or how to format it.

Solution: Integrate Canada Post’s AddressComplete service into all of the address forms of your extension/platform where mailing and shipping addresses are entered.

What is AddressComplete?

The AddressComplete web service validates customer addresses in real-time—directly in the address field(s) of your extension or platform. It enables you to eliminate the capture of incorrect or incomplete address information and eliminates the need to install and maintain address verification software on your system.


How does it work for online shoppers?

Shoppers simply start typing an address or a Postal Code and AddressComplete will suggest results as they type. Results are filtered in real time to help shoppers type less and to guide their search. All suggested addresses are validated against Canada Post’s authoritative address database. Try it out now to see how it works.

Why it’s a win-win-win?

Shoppers get a faster, easier checkout with fewer keystrokes required.

Merchants can reduce the costs associated with returns and misdeliveries caused by inaccurate addressing or missing suite/apartment information. Instant address verification means their shipments get to the right place the first time. Fewer returns and misdeliveries help keep your customers happy.

You gain a competitive advantage when your platform or extension improves shipping accuracy, reduces returns and increases customer satisfaction. You can also earn a commission by introducing customers to AddressComplete. Read about the Reseller Program.

What’s so great about AddressComplete?

  • It’s the only solution that predicts as you type.
  • It’s the only solution that has access to the Canada Post proprietary database of 15 million Canadian addresses.
  • It’s the only solution that can ensure addresses have accurate suite and apartment numbers.

Two ways to intregrate

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