Key #6: Make parcel returns easy for merchants and shoppers

Posted on July 12, 2013 by @ship_cpc in Shipping Solutions

This post is part of our continuing series on platform integration supporting our e-commerce web services.

Anxiety about parcel returns is top of mind for Canadian online shoppers. 56% say that making a return is too difficult.*

Make returns easier for both shoppers and merchants by integrating Canada Post returns web services into your e-commerce platform or extension. An integrated returns solution:

  • Keeps shoppers on the merchant website.
  • Allows merchants to manage their own return requirements.
  • Lets merchants gather the reason for the return.

Manage your returns

Two types of returns web services and how they work

  • Returns requiring merchant authorization – Shoppers request a parcel return label from the merchant’s website. Merchants authorize the return and can gather the reason for the return and store it on their system. Merchants provide shoppers with parcel return labels by email or through their website.
  • Open returns (no merchant authorization required) – Shoppers can get a parcel return label on-demand from the merchant’s website, or the merchant can include a return label in every shipment.  Encourage shoppers to purchase online by making return labels available before shoppers even sign in to your site.


Integration tips for returns web services

  • Include both types of returns in your integration.
  • Explain the two types of parcel returns and guide merchants to the right one for their business:
    • Authorized returns may be more suitable for high-value goods, electronics, etc.
    •  Open returns might be ideal for apparel companies and lower-value goods.
    • Inform merchants that to use returns web services they must be a commercial customer of Canada Post with a parcel services contract.

Read the programming details for returns web services.

Tracking returns

Read Key #7: Include tracking and email notification features

* The State of Canadian Online Retail – 2013, Forrester Research, Inc.

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