Key #7: Include tracking and email notification features

Posted on July 12, 2013 by @ship_cpc in Shipping Solutions

This post is part of our continuing series on platform integration supporting our e-commerce web services.

So you’ve built an e-commerce platform or extension that makes shipping and returns configurable for merchants and user-friendly for shoppers. Great, but don’t stop there. Help your merchants support their online shoppers by including a “My Orders” feature for shoppers to track their purchases directly on the merchant’s site.

Pitfall: Building a platform that abandons the merchant and the shopper once the parcel has been shipped.

Solution: Integrate Canada Post tracking and other web services into your e-commerce platform or extension to include a My Orders page for shoppers to track their online purchases.

What to include on your My Orders page

  • Allow shoppers to track all of their orders from a merchant in a single place by integrating our tracking web services.
  • Allow shoppers with parcels ready for pickup at a Post Office to see the address, map and hours for the Post Office by integrating our Find a Post Office web services (combined with a mapping API of your choice).

My orders

Email notifications

  • When you send shoppers a shipping confirmation email, you can include this URL with an embedded tracking number that goes directly to a Canada Post track results page:<tracking number>&LOCALE=en

  • Set up shipments so that shoppers receive notification emails directly from Canada Post upon shipment and delivery and when there is a shipping exception.


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