A Summary of the 7 Keys to Integration Success with Web Services

Posted on July 19, 2013 by @ship_cpc in Shipping Solutions

This post is part of our continuing series on platform integration supporting our e-commerce web services.

Our 7 keys to integration success with Canada Post web services provide tips on how to integrate our web services into your e-commerce platform/extension, avoid common pitfalls and ensure that you meet your merchant customers’ needs. Here’s a summary of the keys:

Canada Post Web Services – 7 Keys to Integration Success
Online shopping in Canada still falls far short of consumer expectations. How Canada Post web services can help.

Key #1: Don’t forget the business integration layer!
Include a business integration layer between raw data from the Canada Post API and your interface to the end shopper.

Key #2: Include a configurable shipping strategy!
How to use our web services so that your e-commerce platform or extension will help merchants meet pressures to adopt free-shipping policies and thresholds.

Key #3: Make it easy for merchants to provide accurate shipping and tracking information to shoppers
With the right integration choices, you can help merchants avoid costly calls to their customer service, provide accurate shipping times and keep customers happy.

Key #4: Get the address right the first time!
Add AddressComplete to your e-commerce platform or extension. Eliminate delivery failures and returns caused by inaccurate and incomplete addresses.

Key #5: Understand delivery preferences: what, when and how to display them
Make sure your solution properly showcases Canada Post’s unique options that give consumers a say in how they pick up their online purchases or have them delivered.

Key #6: Make parcel returns easy for merchants and shoppers
Find out about the two types of Canada Post returns web services and how to integrate them into your platform or extension.

Key #7: Include tracking and email notification features
Integrate Canada Post tracking and other web services into your e-commerce platform or extension to include a My Orders page for shoppers to track their online purchases.


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