Direct Mail targeting & media execution tactics – a webinar

Posted on July 23, 2013 by @direct_cpc in Marketing solutions

What are the right tools when it comes to relationship marketing – an environment where customer affinity and responsiveness are the priority? Mark Morin, one of Canada’s top marketers, believes that direct mail’s acute targeting capabilities are one of the more effective tactics in relationship marketing. Watch as he discusses the value of different acquisition and engagement methods within a relationship marketing context in this webinar, third in a series of four.

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Understand the power of the list and how to:

  • Segment customer databases to focus on the right individuals.
  • Use the power of Canada Complete’s access to every mailing address in Canada.
  • Evaluate rented lists to deliver the most responsive customers.

Find practical tips on how to pick the lists and analytic tools that are vital to successful relationship marketing campaigns. Learn about which data mining and modeling methods provide a winning balance between cost and outcome. Morin describes what’s new in:

  • Recommendation algorithms (up to 75% of Netflix downloads* come through recommendation).
  • Predictive models that accurately anticipate customers’ needs based on what they’re buying today.

This webinar gives you the know-how to pick lists and data-mining tools that will up response rates and deliver high-value customers.

*The Netflix Tech Blog, April 2012


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