From zero to 60 in 4 seconds: BMW wins big with sensory cross-media marketing

Posted on Aug. 08, 2013 by @direct_cpc in Marketing solutions

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BMW literally sent in-market customers and prospects a piece of the race track during a recent integrated marketing campaign. The renowned car maker leveraged the 40th anniversary of its performance M sub-brand, launching with with a direct mail piece featuring what might be the most creative printing device in marketing history – a 2013 M6 Coupe!

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When BMW tasked agency kbs+ with a campaign to capitalize on the 40th anniversary of its M line (a performance car with enthusiastic devotees), the agency decided to start with a direct mail piece designed to evoke a strong sense memory of the pleasure of driving the car. 150,000 sheets of high quality paper printed with the BMW M logo were laid out on a high-performance track. An M Coupe was fitted to spray ink onto the wheels. A professional driver drove around the paper covered track at high-speed, laying down ink and embossing each sheet with the wheel’s tread and the track’s texture.

Along with the unique print, each direct mail piece included a personal URL that sent the recipient to a high-quality “making of” YouTube video who’s sound and visual speed further recalled the sensation of driving a performance machine.  The clip gathered almost half a million hits and has been widely shared on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels (according* to Ad Age, “KBS+ helped BMW lift global sales more than 8 %…”).

BMW Group’s Silvia Villaverde explains (in an interview with Media Post News’ Karl Greenberg) that “Direct…it’s something you can touch and feel…What we have found is that in conquesting, direct does more than online channels.”

An unexpected side effect was a flurry of social media interactions from people trying to find out if other “M” fans had received a print** and even posting shots of their unique M6 impression.

Is this the world’s most creative print job? Watch video :

*Ad Age special report: Agency A-List 2013
** November 2012


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