Marketing to the 5 Senses

Posted on Sept. 17, 2013 by @direct_cpc in Marketing solutions

The more a marketing campaign appeals to the senses, the “stickier” it becomes to our brains. Explore Rethinking Direct Mail’s 5 Senses series and discover some award-winning creative campaigns that resonated with their target audience.

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The smell of green. A lawn care company builds customers with a postcard that smells like a fresh cut lawn while UK Crimestoppers responds to a dramatic increase in urban grow-ops with a postcard that, when scratched, releases the pungent scent that will help urbanites identify and root out neighbourhood marijuana farms.


Tasty marketing. Potential Land Rover buyers in Dubai received a Desert Survival Guide made from edible ink and paper. They responded with a 40% lift in sales compared to the previous year.

37- Marketing 2

Touching greatness. A campaign with a tight budget uses the sense of touch to deliver a piece of sporting history and generates 8.5 million free media impressions and increases suit sales by 520% for a national cricket team’s smallest sponsor.

37-Marketing 3

Seeing is believing. A gym literally shows its members the results they’ll achieve over a year of steady work-outs and watches client attrition diminish by 45%.

37-Marketing 4

Music to a client’s ears. Raffles Music College sheds its stuffy image with the help of a CD case, some push pins, and the twang of a rubber band. The mail piece enjoyed a 43% response rate and filled the beginner music course in just 5 days!


Share your favourite sensory marketing campaigns.


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