What’s keeping marketers up at night? Part 1

Posted on Oct. 21, 2013 by @direct_cpc in Marketing solutions

Some of Canada’s top marketing and creative pros were asked about the challenges of marketing across an increasing number of channels to an increasingly sophisticated audience.

Today’s question “What’s keeping you up at night?” revealed a common concern about measuring meaningful response and ROI across different channels and communicating what those changes mean to agency clients.

Andrew Bruce CEO of Publicis Canada

“Transparency and authenticity”
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“Transparency and authenticity. It’s really tough. It’s always easier when you have a one-way conversation to decide what you want to say and how you want to say it. But because so much is available to the consumer today, you have to approach that (conversation) in a much more open and honest way.“

“It’s scary for brands that have, in many cases, spent their history carefully managing their public personas. And that just isn’t possible anymore. So that brings a totally different relationship to bear. And I’m not sure that we are all yet built to deliver on that, to manage that (relationship).”

Scott Pinkney Creative Director and SVP, BBDO/Proximity

“How to master those (channels) and bring the right value”
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“I think it’s also amplified because within marketing departments oftentimes they’re in different buildings. They sit on different floors, so you’ve got your social group, you’ve got your direct marketing group, and you’ve got your mass group. And they’re not always talking. Not only do they not show the same budgets, but they’re not always sharing their communications plans. So that can make it difficult. The role that agencies play is trying to bring a harmonized viewpoint together. How do we bring one value proposition, one brand engagement to the consumers across multiple channels? Often, there are different agencies involved with different marketing departments within an organization. Until they embrace the full ecosystem and have a collective communications plan, we’ll still see that question of how to balance all the channels, all the departments, and all the agencies to drive measurable results.

“I think what’s exciting now is many clients really want to master these new channels. The great opportunity for agencies (and we’re giving you an agency spin, being agency folks), is that clients are looking to us to actually bring some of that innovation to the table. Yes, clients are chasing this shiny object, but it’s up to agencies to figure out how to master those (channels) and bring the right value at the right time. Consumers want it. It’s an exciting time to be a marketer. Challenging, keeping you up at night, but it’s challenging and exciting at the same time.”

Dean Maruna Executive Creative Director/Writer

“Doing what’s best for the channel”
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“From a creative standpoint, of course, we were taught very early on when the ecosystem was fairly small that everything should look the same. If you had one image plastered on a print ad, on your direct mail, and your TV – that’s integration! However, with the proliferation of media options, we creative people are really tasked to do what’s best for that channel. Which may mean incorporating a central image or icon into mobile – or maybe not. Many clients are struggling with that, too. As creative people, we believe that doing what’s best for the channel doesn’t always require a total match of all creative aspects. Whereas some clients, perhaps mostly inexperienced or uncertain of the new channels, believe that it should be all identical. We don’t necessarily think that’s the case at all.”

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