What’s keeping marketers up at night? Part 2

Posted on Oct. 23, 2013 by @direct_cpc in Marketing solutions

Some of Canada’s top marketing and creative pros were asked about the challenges of marketing across an increasing number of channels to an increasingly sophisticated audience.

Today’s question “What’s keeping you up at night?” revealed a common concern about measuring meaningful response and ROI across different channels and communicating what those changes mean to agency clients.

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Anna Percy-Dove Managing Partner, Elvis Communications

“Measurement of return on investment”
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“Measurement of return on investment (ROI) of every channel and the marketing mix is a big concern for marketers. That fear that your limited budgets are not being used effectively is really at the nucleus of a lot of marketing decisions. And part of that is the problem is that many channels don’t have definitive measurement in place. So does collecting fans on Facebook really deliver an ROI at the end of the day? What to do with the data (from the explosion of available channels) and how to leverage and harness that data in a meaningful way also keeps marketers awake…I think everybody’s struggling with that, as well.”

Claire Plaxton Director of Client Advocacy at Environics Analytics

“General Fragmentation of the Marketplace”
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“One of the main concerns for marketers right now is the general fragmentation of the marketplace. I think that their clients can go pretty much anywhere to receive information about their product and brand. And my clients are concerned about making sure that they can be seen by their core customers, by the ones who are going to be their brand evangelists.”

Jennifer Campbell GM, Direct Marketing Strategy, Canada Post

“Big terms that we throw around: omni channel, big data”
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“There are some big terms that we throw around: omni channel, big data, etc. As we think about them, I think we can feel the panic growing. We need to step back and take things one step at a time, baby steps, really chunk out the little pieces, and know that we really understand the fundamentals. Once you know the fundamentals you can expand on that knowledge. I think that if we take that moment of reflection – of really sitting and thinking through what we want to get, what we have, pondering what are we bringing forward, what pieces we don’t have that we need to fill in – then I think we’ll all sleep better at night.”

Max Valiquette Managing Director, Strategy at Bensimon Byrne

“The tremendous speed of change”
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“The thing that’s keeping marketers up at night is the tremendous speed of change and commensurate with that is how you measure the actual effectiveness of your marketing. A lot of the things we do in the industry are based on practices that have existed for a long while – banks of norms and studies that we’ve had about how people should be connecting to your TV commercial, for instance. But everything is changing and it’s changing so quickly. Not only do you have to find a way to deliver really good marketing within that changing environment but you have to find a way to actually measure it.

“In direct mail it used to simply be how many people opened or redeemed (the mail piece), for instance. But now measurement could be how many people are hashtaging this and posting it to Instagram? How many people are tweeting about what I just sent them? Who’s putting it on their Facebook wall? And we don’t know what a good level of engagement is. We have a good understanding of how many people should be opening our envelopes but we don’t necessarily know how many people should be taking a photo of it and spreading it through their network.”

Paul Tedesco VP, Business Unit Director and Direct and CRM specialist with RAPP DDB

“How to measure their marketing”
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Marketers are up at night probably worried about ROI. I think the biggest thing on everyone’s to do list is to figure out how to measure their marketing and how to maximize the effectiveness of it. I think that’s what’s keeping marketers up at night.”

Ryan Harper Senior Marketing Manager for AIIM Group

“Marketers wanting to do more with less”
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”With the economy the way it is, budgets are being cut and teams are being cut. You have less people to do the same amount of work (and, in some cases, more) and yet businesses still need to grow. To me, one of the biggest things that we see is marketers wanting to do more with less. Gone are the days where you’ve had 100,000, or 200,000 piece direct mail campaigns going out (basically, the ‘more is better’ campaign) essentially thinking ‘I’ll throw a dart and one out of 10 will say yes’. Marketers really need to be succinct and engaging to cut through the clutter. Today, more than ever before, less is more.”


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