We’ve got your back (and your parcels): How Canada Post is delivering the best e-commerce holiday season ever

Posted on Nov. 22, 2013 by @ship_cpc in Shipping Solutions

You’ve been preparing for the holiday season for months and now your volumes are about to hit that feverish pitch. We know how you feel and we’re here to help. Here’s what we’re doing to make sure we deliver the holidays for you.

We’re delivering on weekends

Because we know how important the holiday season is to your business, we’ll be on the roads and knocking on doors during weekends.Last year alone, we delivered over a half million parcels on weekends.  We expect this number to be even higher this year! But no need to worry — we’re ready.

Delivery has never been more convenient

We offer more convenience than anyone else in the business. You can now offer your customers the choice of where their item will be delivered. It’s called Deliver to Post Office. We have almost 6,400 post offices across Canada – that’s more locations than Tim Hortons and McDonald’s combined.

Is it there yet? Tracking is top of mind

Tracking is a priority for your customers. That’s why we’ve invested in our tracking technology and made significant improvements. Whether they’re using our website, mobile apps or email updates, your customers now have options on how to track their item. And better yet, they can do it from your website. Learn how to integrate our tracking web services into your e-commerce site.



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