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Posted on Dec. 04, 2013 by @direct_cpc in Marketing solutions

Congratulations to Rogers Communications Inc and the Würstlingroup agency on winning the Canadian Marketing Association’s inaugural Canada Post Direct Mail Award for their Tablets for Mums integrated campaign. Tablets for Mums, a fashionable purse-shaped mailer, cleverly combined style with substance by leveraging a solid understanding of the campaigns’ target audience and great creative.

The goal was to show busy Canadian moms how easily a tablet could become the ultimate on-the-go accessory when paired with wireless internet services. The results were exceptional, both in terms of sales and the boost in activity Rogers experienced in online communities and social media. 

Outstanding creative and targeting improved response rates by up to 150 per cent
Rogers used the deceptively simple yet eye-catching direct mail (DM) piece as part of a larger integrated campaign. When opened, the purse revealed key messages that leveraged the typical contents of a busy mum’s purse. It showed how  using a tablet and Rogers’ services is a great family scheduling tool and a portable doorway to favourite shows, online shopping, news, and connecting with friends during a busy day.

Tablets for Mums’ red purse made a splash inside mailboxes and online forums across Canada. The campaign integrated successfully with social media and online strategy, generating over 860,000 Twitter impressions and attracting influential bloggers who praised the benefits of mobile-ready tablets.  The client enjoyed a 60 per cent higher response rate for addressed mailings and a whopping 150 per cent greater response rate for unaddressed mailings compared to previous DM campaigns for tablets.

“Direct mail lets us be highly targeted. Instead of selling tablets, we were able to be very focussed in the customer benefit of tablets to our target, mums,” explained Rogers Communications Marketing Communications Manager Andrew Rusk before continuing, “The campaign also had a higher production quality and cost per piece than most of our campaigns. The piece was oversize and we used a textured OE stock to help break through the mailbox and speak to the target. The increased response rate more than justified the higher production costs.”

Consumers want to be wowed and this campaign did just that  
Tablets for Mums shows that direct mail that’s done with the right blend of creative and targeting delivers winning response rates, whether as part of an integrated campaign or as a standalone.

“In a field of impressive entries, the Tablets for Mums campaign stood out because it blended  the creative potential of DM’s visual and physical qualities with messaging that was bang-on to grab the attention of the target audience,” says Yvonne Nunnaro, Group Account Director at Squareknot and one of the judges for CMA’s 2013 Canada Post Direct Marketing Award. “Plus it used DM’s cross-media strengths perfectly, driving a strong online and mobile campaign.”

Award highlights the value of a smart Direct Mail campaign to Canadian businesses
The Canadian Marketing Association launched the brand new Canada Post Direct Mail Award to recognize innovation and excellence in the field of Direct Mail, one of the most effective marketing tools when it comes to making direct contact with a target audience.

“Creating new ways to engage customers in an ad-soaked arena is an ongoing challenge,” explains Jennifer Campbell, the General Manager of Direct Marketing Strategy at Canada Post Corporation and one of the judges for the award. “That’s where Direct Mail’s powerful ability to make physical, mental and emotional impressions comes in. Consumers want to be wowed and the challenge – and the opportunity – for Direct Mail is in cutting through the clutter to get noticed.  That’s why Canada Post decided to sponsor an award to showcase outstanding Direct Mail campaigns that delivered great response rates.”

What’s in your 2014 marketing plan?
New marketing channels are opening at a dizzying rate and it’s tough to know which ones will provide a great return on investment. If DM isn’t part of your 2014 marketing plan, perhaps it’s time to take a look to discover how DM can improve your 2014 response rates and return on investment.


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