Our best direct mail articles and case studies of 2013

Posted on Jan. 08, 2014 by @direct_cpc in Marketing solutions

Effective direct marketing depends on the right combination of message, copy, creative, and delivery channels helps to grow your business. Direct mail is also one of the most effective tools to drive customers to your web, mobile and social media sites, especially as part of an integrated campaign.

That’s why we created our ReThinking Direct Mail blog this year, as a resource with the latest marketing research and methods, along with inspiring creative showcases and success stories that will help your business grow. And we have more best practices, insights and knowledge in store for you for 2014.

To help your marketing plans and inspire you for this year, we’re sharing some of our best articles and posts that highlight creative innovation, marketing savvy and studies.

Integrated marketing to active customers supplies Staples with great results
A series of marketing tests by office supplies giant Staples found that adding a flyer to an email campaign improved sales by a whopping 605%.The results? Sending Addressed Admail flyers and emails drove customer response rates and revenues much higher than sending emails alone.


This is your brain on direct mail – and it’s a good thing
The profile of a research study that shows that the brain responds to physical marketing media more than virtual media – with parts of the brain associated with memory and emotion lighting up more. It means that integrating the power of direct mail has the potential to make your marketing message “stickier”.


Marketing to the five senses
Our series on sensory marketing featured innovative direct mail campaigns that deepen their impressions and response rates by creatively involving one or more of the five sensestaste, touch, smell, sight, hearing – with big results.


Want to reach affluent Millennials? A preferred channel will surprise you
This post uncovers the surprising preferences of affluent Millennials and direct mail. The generation that has grown up in the wired world enjoys the physical experience of direct mail – it’s an effective tool to get them to your e-commerce site and drive valuable social media third-party recommendations.


Bouncing ball campaign shows that direct mail is a great catch
Canada Post’s own integrated campaign, BounceMe.ca, for businesses began with a piece of direct mail that asked recipients to visit a special website. It produced an initial 83% response rate and then recipients liked it so much that they shared it with friends and colleagues.


What marketers need to do and know to get ready for Canada’s new anti-spam laws, coming in 2014
An important overview of how you can get your valuable customer and prospect lists ready for Canada’s new electronic anti-spam laws, expected to come into effect in mid-2014.


What were your greatest direct mail successes in 2013? What innovative ideas and campaigns do you have planned for 2014? Share your ideas in the comments section below.


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