Drinkable direct mail campaign shows tea company’s innovative spirit

Posted on Jan. 30, 2014 by @direct_cpc in Marketing solutions

Edible advertising is an unusual medium, and when one of the world’s largest importers of fine teas created drinkable advertising, their audience really sat down and noticed.

Hälssen & Lyon, based in Germany, is one of the largest and most respected importers of tea in the world. Founded in 1879, today they sell everything from raw materials to packaged end-product. They have the largest warehouse of specialty teas in the world and boast a reputation for outstanding service that comes from their policy of constant innovation.

A direct mail piece you can drink
To reinforce their position as trendsetters in their industry, Hälssen & Lyon came up with a unique idea: They produced a calendar made entirely from tea leaves. The company mailed calendars to partners, suppliers and clients who were able to detach the calendar days and steep them in hot water to enjoy a different tea each day of the year. It was a first: a direct mail piece you can drink.


Innovative tea samples help keep company top of mind
Not only did this unusual campaign keep the company top-of-mind with clients and partners every day for a year, it further strengthened their brand every day as well. The calendar showcased both the breadth and quality of their product offering in a very tangible way. And the creativity of the direct mail piece demonstrated the innovative culture at the core of the company’s brand reputation.


Behind the scenes video: How the tea calendar was made
The company produced a video that shows how they created their drinkable direct mail tea calendar.

Have you ever created an edible direct mail piece for a campaign – or received one? Share your piece in the comments.


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