Personalized direct mail delivers big results for a children’s hospital

Posted on March 04, 2014 by @direct_cpc in Marketing solutions

People are more likely to give to a cause they have a personal connection with. So one of the biggest challenges in fundraising is making a cause feel real and relatable to potential donors.

The Foundation for Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital in Sweden needed to overcome this challenge in order to increase the donations that pay for toys, activities and therapeutic gardens to help the children rest and recuperate. So together with their agency, Milk, they developed a simple and affordable direct mail piece – a letter – with a very creative personal touch.

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Personalizing the message
The letters were not mailed directly to the target audience; they were given to the children staying in the hospital first. To bring to life the needs of the 500,000 patients who stay at the hospital each year, the children were asked to draw on the letters, decorate and play with them. More than words ever could, the drawings helped create a personal connection between the sender and the recipient of the direct mail piece.


Simple tactic delivers big results
This personalized campaign was a remarkable success, increasing donations by 320% over the previous year and registering hundreds of new donors. It illustrated the fact that people connect with mail as a medium. Mail feels real – doubly so in this case, since a real child personalized each piece and helped donors relate to the cause on a personal level.

Below, watch the magic behind this campaign and how a Childish Letter came to life.

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