Red Cross aid recipients tell their stories to boost awareness of the charity’s work

Posted on March 11, 2014 by @direct_cpc in Marketing solutions

Most people associated the American Red Cross with their disaster relief work, not knowing about the many other ways they help Americans every day.

The organization wanted to get the word out about the important work they do saving lives through blood donations, teaching CPR skills, comforting and assisting families after house fires and bringing military families back together. And who better to tell the story than these families themselves.

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Working with its agency, BBDO New York, the Red Cross came up with a creative social marketing campaign. They sent 300 people who had received aid from the Red Cross a simple kit with a video or still camera, a journal and some tips for how best to share their story. With courage and warmth, these people opened their hearts to tell their stories – some tragic, others uplifting and all inspiring.

From the journals and videos sent back by the families, the agency produced an integrated marketing campaign. They developed TV and print advertising that drove traffic to the Red Cross website, where over 250 hours of video had been edited down to about two dozen stories.

The campaign was a success and the Red Cross became much better known for the full range of work they do, proving that people pay attention when ordinary folks tell extraordinary stories.


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