Step-by-step guide Part 2 - Two ways to provide tracking information to your e-commerce customers

Posted on March 19, 2014 by @ship_cpc in Shipping Solutions

Read the first post in this two-part series: Why provide tracking information to your e-commerce customers.


Quick and simple access to a parcel’s delivery status is essential to offering your customers an exceptional e-commerce experience.  It gives them the clarity and certainty they expect, which is why providing tracking information is standard for major online retailers. We’ve made it easy for small and medium sized online businesses to offer tracking to your customers, either from your website or a link in the shipping confirmation email.

Medium-sized businesses:  How to offer tracking on your website

Our tracking services can be integrated into your e-commerce platform or website so that the most recent shipping status is always available in one place. All your customers need to do is sign in and go to their orders page to get real-time tracking information. You can also include a link in their shipping confirmation email that brings them directly to their tracking information on your site.

Offering track results can encourage your customers to return to your site more often, or stay longer, and potentially increase sales and cross-opportunities.  It also offers a more seamless, customer experience.

Learn how to add our tracking services to your website now.

Small businesses: Add a tracking link in your confirmation email

It’s easy to include a direct link to tracking results in shipping confirmation emails to your customers, even if you don’t have tracking embedded on your e-commerce site. You can get the link on the Canada Post web site – see below for step-by -step instructions.

When your customer clicks on the link, they will be taken to their tracking results on the Canada Post website instead of to your web site. From there, they can track the status of their order.  The advantage is that there is no technical set-up required on your part and you can provide tracking information to your customers quickly and with little effort.

Step-by-step: How to get and add a link to tracking results to customer emails

Step 1:
Use this URL (also called a string) and include it in the shipping confirmation email that you send to your customer. In this example, the tracking number is in red (111111111111):

Step 2:
Insert your customer’s tracking number into the URL right after the “trackingNumber=” portion of the string.

Step 3:
Insert the entire URL (with your customer’s tracking number) into the shipping confirmation email that you’ll send to your customer. In this example confirmation email, the URL is embedded as a link in the Tracking URL.


When your customer clicks on the URL, they will be taken to the Track section of the Canada Post web site where they will find the details of their shipment.


Learn more about how providing tracking information on your web site or through shipping confirmation emails can benefit your e-commerce business.

How are you using tracking or shipping confirmation emails to enhance your customers’ online experience? Share your ideas and leave a comment below.

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