DM loves e-commerce, part 1 – How to grow your e-commerce business with direct mail marketing

Posted on March 25, 2014 by @direct_cpc in Marketing solutions

When you’re planning your marketing strategy for your e-commerce business, direct mail might not be the first tactic that comes to mind.  But just because your customers are shopping online, it doesn’t mean that all your marketing efforts should be there too. Recent research shows that direct mail is more effective for increasing online sales and response rates, especially if it’s part of an integrated campaign.

In this two-part series, you’ll learn why and how e-commerce retailers can embrace direct mail to help acquire new customers, increase loyalty and engagement, and grow your business.

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A report by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) found that direct mail, generates among the best overall response rates with 4.4% compared to the email average of 0.12%.1 What’s more, another recent study found that advertising in the mail is also the most effective channel for increasing online sales.2 Over a 6-month period, Canadians made an online purchase in response to the following marketing channels:

  • 39% for ads in the mail
  • 27% for email
  • 27% for online ads
  • 8% for social media

In addition, 47% of Canadians had visited a company web site as a result of a marketing piece that they received in the mail.

Making personal one-to-one contact with prospects

So why are direct mail response rates 30x greater than email? 1 It’s largely because of the proliferation of marketing emails and display ads competing for attention online. People are constantly bombarded with unwanted digital marketing messages, so they subconsciously filter online ads and delete unopened emails.

Direct mail, on the other hand, offers a refreshingly tactile experience in a less cluttered environment – it’s something they can hold in their hands and in their own time. You can tailor it to offer a very creative and personalized experience that allows the reader to take time with the piece and process the message.

The right balance in your marketing mix produces the most impact

Research also shows that the best way to use direct mail is part of an integrated, multi-channel campaign, as these usually deliver the best overall response rates. Different channels complimenting each other achieve the deepest market penetration and highest ROI.

Of course, as with online marketing, there are tested ways to improve response rates. The next article in this series will explore 3 ways to ensure your direct mail delivers online results.

Whatever your level of direct marketing experience, Canada Post can provide you with a full range of direct mail solutions. Learn how we can help make your campaign a success.

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1. DMA 2012 Response Rate Report
2. Direct Mail Omnibus, CPC #12 -220, January 2013


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