DM loves e-commerce, part 2 - 3 ways to use direct marketing to drive online sales

Posted on March 28, 2014 by @direct_cpc in Marketing solutions

In our previous post we discussed how research shows that direct mail is a powerful driver of e-commerce sales. Of course,  to be successful with direct mail or any marketing effort,  you’ll need a well thought out plan, attention to execution and ongoing testing to reveal what worked and what didn’t.  Here are 3 direct marketing essentials you need to incorporate into your direct mail e-commerce campaign.

1. Use accurate targeting to find your ideal customers


The beauty of direct mail is how precisely it can be targeted. You likely already have valuable customer information that can be leveraged to send them relevant communications and offers. When acquiring new customers, you can purchase direct marketing lists tailored to contain your ideal audience. Neighbourhood data is also available from Canada Post based on demographics such as age, culture and income, so you can target the most relevant postal codes. Some lists even identify the neighbourhoods that contain the most frequent e-commerce customers.

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2. Incent customers to visit your e-store with valuable offers


Source: Coroflot

Your offer will be the primary incentive to drive people to your website. The call to action must be strong enough to motivate them to type your URL and to stand out amid millions of websites. Discounts, giveaways and contests are just as effective online as they are in store. You can also add value by offering access to content, such as videos or newsletters, regardless of whether shoppers buy a product. Just remember to include your website address or URL on your direct mail piece: if customers have to spend too much time searching you out online, you risk losing them!

3. Stand out from crowd with compelling creative


Direct mail provides an excellent branding opportunity for your business, allowing you to communicate what it represents directly to your target. Provide consumers with the interactive, full-on sensory experience that can often be lacking in other media – and watch brand engagement and recall soar as a result. Hälssen & Lyon, a tea company, did this brilliantly when they mailed a drinkable calendar, made entirely of tea leaves, to clients and partners. It’s worth striving for something that stands out. After all, research shows that 53% of Canadians will still remember a mail piece two weeks after receive it.

For e-commerce businesses, it’s great to know that direct mail is a proven performer when it comes to generating online sales.  Learn more about how Canada Post can help you integrate direct mail effectively into your marketing strategy.

1. Direct Mail Omnibus, CPC #12 -220, January 2013


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