Deliver to Post Office Part 6: How to create Deliver to Post Office shipping labels if you are a shipping system provider

Posted on April 09, 2014 by @ship_cpc in Shipping Solutions

Part of our ongoing series on Deliver to Post Office, this post is for companies who want to integrate the Deliver to Post Office option into their own custom or commercial shipping system.

Before you begin: please contact us for approval to add Deliver to Post Office to your shipping system. We’ll guide you through the approval process and provide details on the new data elements required. Speak with your Canada Post sales representative or email us at

In a previous post, we provided an overview of how Deliver to Post Office works from checkout to pickup. In this post, our focus is two-fold: 1) to list the Deliver to Post Office data elements that your shipping system will require; and 2) to highlight the role these elements play in ensuring Deliver to Post Office parcels successfully reach their recipients.

Important data elements that are required for Deliver to Post Office

For Deliver to Post Office to succeed, your shipping system must include the following data elements to ensure we can deliver parcels to their destination post office. If we don’t have all the required information, parcels will be returned to sender.

Data elements Why we need this information
Shopper contact information
Name Appears on the shipping label and must match the ID a shopper presents upon pickup.
Address We use the shoppers’ address to authenticate their identity when they pick up their parcel. Their name and address must match what appears on the government-issued ID they present.
Email address When a Deliver to Post Office shipping label is scanned at the destination post office it triggers an automated email message to shoppers notifying them that their parcel is ready for pickup.
Phone number If shoppers do not pick up their parcel after 5 days, they receive an automated voice message reminder.
Post office identifier
Post Office ID The office-id of the post office is used to look up the address for inclusion on the shipping label.
Option code and notification flags
Option code D2PO This identifies the parcel as a Deliver to Post Office item. It is necessary to produce the correct shipping label.
On-delivery notification A barcode scan at the destination post office triggers an email to shoppers indicating that their item is ready for pickup.

Shipping label example

Deliver to post office

How to start implementing Deliver to Post Office in your shipping system

Contact your Canada Post sales representative or email us at

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