Step-by-step guide How platforms can help merchants register with Canada Post and automate their shipping transactions

Posted on April 24, 2014 by @ship_cpc in Shipping Solutions

How platforms can help merchants register with Canada Post

Looking for simple ways to enhance your merchant’s experience with shipping and delivery on your e-commerce platform? Help them automate their shipping transactions with Canada Post by adding a button to the set-up process on your e-commerce site. Learn how the process works from your merchant’s point of view and use our step-by-step guide that shows you how to make it happen on your platform.

Registering with Canada Post saves time and streamlines workflow for merchants

When merchants set up their e-commerce site on your platform, they have the option of selecting Canada Post as a delivery provider. In addition to selecting Canada Post, they should also register their business with us on our website. This is a simple process that will enable them to automate their shipping transactions.

However, if a merchant selects Canada Post without registering at the same time, their shipping transactions won’t be integrated. Instead, they’ll have to manually sign in to Canada Post for each transaction, which makes for a frustrating customer experience.

When merchants register their business with Canada Post, they save time and can better streamline their workflow. And this means they’ll have a better customer experience with your e-commerce platform.

How merchants can easily register for Canada Post through your platform

You can help merchants register with by including a link to the registration page on our website during the set-up process on your platform. They can provide the information we need to link with your platform, directly on our site. When the merchant is finished, they’ll automatically be returned to your site.

The process to add this to your platform is simple and just takes a few minutes – see below for details on how to do it.

Existing merchants who have already completed your sign-up process, but haven’t registered with Canada Post, can still register.

Step-by-step guide to helping merchants register with Canada Post through your platform

Here is a step-by step guide that shows you how the merchant registration process for Canada Post works and what you, and your merchants, need to do.

1. Platforms can create and add a “Register Account” button when merchants select Canada Post as a delivery provider while setting up their e-commerce site for the first time. Link the button to this URL:

(During testing, link the button to this URL for the development environment:

2. The link will bring merchants to the sign-in/sign-up page. New merchants will sign up. Existing merchants will sign in.


3. New merchants will start creating their online profile. Existing merchants confirm their method of payment (see step 6).


4. New merchants select their profile type: small business or enterprise.


5. New merchants provide their contact information.


6. New and existing merchants provide or confirm their payment details and select Continue to proceed to the final screen.


7. You’ll be provided with the merchant registration token.


8. You can use the token to retrieve a merchant’s information, as shown in the example below.


Visit our Developer Program website for more technical details about setting up the merchant registration process on your platform.

Are you looking for ideas on how others have implemented the merchant registration process on their e-commerce platform? Join the Developer Program and then sign in to the Developer Program website to access our Developer Forum, an online community for developers integrating Canada Post web services into their e-commerce sites.



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