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How to grow your business into Canada

Posted on May 21, 2014 by ship_cpc in Shipping Solutions

Ready to expand your business into the Canadian market?  Canada Post can take your plan and put it into action. As Canada’s most trusted delivery service, it’s our business to help your business – read more about how we can assist you.

why ship with canada post

We Advise

From your warehouse to the door of your Canadian customers, we will guide you every step of the way. Our dedicated team specializes in meeting the needs of American merchants shipping to Canada.

We Connect We can help you navigate the shipping process and connect you with trusted companies to assist with:

  • Fulfillment – Ensuring you have the proper shipping labels and manifests you need for the Canadian postal network.
  • Consolidation/Transportation – Enabling a swift and steady flow of goods to your customers through a reliable transportation network and a consolidator if you are a small business.
  • Customs clearance – Advising on all aspects of the customs process including documentation requirements and calculating duties and taxes.

We Deliver

Once your shipments cross the border, we take care of the rest—sorting and processing your shipment quickly and getting your parcels promptly into the hands of your Canadian customers.

Why ship with Canada Post


Reliable. Trusted.

We’ve earned Canada’s trust with almost 150 years of safe and convenient delivery to every corner of the nation.

Reach every Canadian

Canada Post is the only company that delivers to every residential and business address in Canada—and the only one to deliver to PO boxes.

Enable the best online shopping experience

Canada Post’s web services provide the shipping data you need to offer the best online shopping experience. Your customers will be able to choose from a range of delivery speeds, get real-time shipping rates, and select the most convenient delivery options. They can even track packages right from your website.

Convenient returns options

Make your customers’ returns experience a positive one. Enhance shopper loyalty and build a competitive advantage by providing your customers with convenient returns solutions from Canada Post.

Convenient locations for Canadian customers

Ship with us and your Canadian customers will have access to our vast retail network for parcel pickup and easy returns—even on evenings and weekends. We have over 6,000 Post Offices and 27,000 collection boxes.

Delivery choice unmatched by any other carrier

80% of households are empty during the day when parcels are delivered. Give your Canadian shoppers the option to have purchases delivered directly to a Post Office of their choice by integrating our Deliver to Post Office option into your online store. Your shoppers can pick up their item where it’s most convenient for them—near home, the office or the cottage.

Dedicated international customer support

We have a dedicated sales team that focuses exclusively on the distinct needs of American companies and will show you how to tap into the lucrative Canadian market.

No surcharges

Our competitors charge extra for residential deliveries outside their normal delivery area. These surcharges can add up to 30% of the actual shipping charges. See what other services carriers charge for below.

Surcharges Canada Post FedEx UPS DHL CanPar
Residential Delivery No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Address Correction No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rural Delivery Charges No Yes Yes Yes Yes

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Find out how we can help you grow your business in Canada.  Contact us online or call  1-866-282-7171 to speak directly to a sales representative specializing in the needs of American businesses.

About Canada Post Canada Post is Canada’s national postal service and a key enabler of e-commerce. Through its innovative product offerings it is winning market share in this highly competitive space. In 2013, we delivered more than 9.4 billion pieces of mail, parcels and messages to 15.5 million addresses in urban, rural and remote locations across Canada. The Canada Post Group of Companies has the largest retail network in Canada with almost 7,000 retail locations, operates a fleet of over 14,000 vehicles and employs some 66,000 people. In 2013, the Group of Companies had consolidated revenues from operations of approximately $7.6 billion.