7 ways fashion e-tailers can provide shoppers with a better end-to-end shopping experience

Posted on May 23, 2014 by @ship_cpc in Shipping Solutions

Canadians love to shop for their fashion apparel online. The question is: how do fashion e-tailers ensure that their customers are provided the best possible online shopping experience, so that they become return customers?

Our research shows there are key elements of their online shopping experience that Canadian customer’s place tremendous value on. A clear, inviting shopping experience is something we can help you create! Here are the top 7 ways to get Canadians buying:

1. Targeted direct mail: where digital meets physical 


Canadian fashion consumers love promotional offers. 80% of them are more likely to make additional purchases from online retailers that offer special products or promotions. 66% of Canadians are interested in receiving sales offers and coupons by physical mail.1 Our leading data and analytics services and range of direct mail products can help you reach your target audience, support product launch, and acquire new customers.

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2.Upfront shipping costs are important


Nearly all online shoppers surveyed say they want to see shipping costs up front, and 70% want to see expected delivery dates. Our shipping tools make it easy to provide customers with costs, and delivery estimates can help reduce cart abandons.2 Integrate Canada Post shipping data into your online retail platforms.

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3. Easier checkout improves the shopping experience


Our Address Complete service shortens checkout time, improves the shopping experience and can help reduce cart abandonment. It validates customer addresses directly in the address fields on your website application, increasing delivery and data accuracy.

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4. Fashion consumers want to track their shipment


Almost 80% of Fashion shoppers believe online tracking is important.1 Host tracking information on your website to keep shoppers engaged and increase share-of-wallet. Your shoppers can start tracking the minute their shipment reaches Canada Post. Offer your customers email notification. Use delivery updates as an additional marketing opportunity. Show delivery visibility to increase customer confidence and reduce customer service costs.

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5. Flexible delivery options keep customers happy


About half of Fashion consumers are concerned about being at home to receive a delivery. Offer your customers a range of delivery choices, such as our Leave at Door and Deliver to Post Office options. Our solutions will keep your customers happy — and returning. It’s all about accommodation. We can help you put them first.

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6. Turning customer returns into returning customers


81% of Fashion shoppers desire a clear returns policy. 76% feel the ability to make free returns within 30 days of delivery is important. And 70% would like a return shipping label to be included in the original package.1 Nearly one in 10 shoppers who abandon their cart do so because of concerns over returns. We make returns hassle-free. Our shipping tools let you customize your returns policy and create a positive end-to-end shopping experience.

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7. Customer satisfaction requires the right combination 


Our research shows targeted promotions, an improved shopping experience and flexible delivery and return options are key to getting fashion customers come back for more.

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Canada Post works hard to improve the shopping experience for online retailers and customers alike. We can help you offer online shoppers a better online experience with our consumer knowledge, e-commerce services and shipping and returns solutions.

Many Canadians turn to Canada Post to deliver the fashion products they order online. From densely populated urban centres to rural hinterlands, we know our customers. We connect with Canadians every day.

Canada Post can help build your online retail service. We offer deep consumer insights, high-impact direct mail solutions, convenient e-commerce products and an unrivalled delivery network.

Ready to learn how Canada Post solutions can help grow your business? Contact us today.

1 Source: J.C. Williams: Canadian E-shoppers: The online shopping/buying experience, Canada Post 12-209, September 20122 Source: Omnibus Survey: CPC Marketing Research – Online Shopping Omnibus CPC#13-215, August 2013



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