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Whether you’re in the fashion industry, health and beauty or sporting goods, we can help you create an exceptional shopping and receiving experience. Learn how our research insights, direct mail and e-commerce solutions, and delivery network can help you build your business.

Knowing your shoppers is the key to your e-commerce success

We have a unique relationship with Canadian consumers because we connect with them every day. And we’re making significant investments in getting to know them better – especially when it comes to online shopping. Whether you’re a traditional online retailer or an omni-channel merchant, we have solutions to support your operational needs. Here's how we can help you grow your e-commerce business.

1. Direct marketing – use direct mail to acquire new customers

Research shows that consumers respond to print direct marketing promotions. In fact, direct mail response rates are 30 times greater than email.1 Our leading data and analytics services and range of direct mail products can help you reach your target audience, support your product launch, generate your trial and acquire new customers.

2. Shopping tools – increase sales and shopping cart conversions

A recent study found that nearly all online shoppers want to see their shipping costs up front and 70% want to see expected delivery dates.2 Canada Post shipping tools make it easy to provide customers with cost and delivery estimates and can help reduce cart abandonment.

3. AddressComplete – simplify your customer checkout

61% of online shoppers say ease of checkout is important.3 Our AddressCompleteTM solution reduces checkout time and cart abandonment. AddressComplete improves the overall shopping experience, especially for mobile customers.

4. Tracking – provide your customers with peace of mind

About 75% of online shoppers track their shipment throughout the delivery process.3 You can improve your e-commerce experience by providing your customers with Canada Post tracking information on your website, by email or through our mobile.

5. Flexible delivery – offer your customers choice to keep them coming back

About 28% of online consumers are concerned about not being at home to receive a delivery.3 Offering your customers a range of shipping services parcels business and delivery options, such as our Leave at Door and Deliver to Post Office options, will keep them happy — and returning to your business. Leverage our unmatched delivery reach. We are the only delivery company to deliver to all 15.5 million addresses in Canada.

6. Convenient and easy – turn returns into returning customers

Nearly 1 in 10 shoppers abandon their cart because of concerns over return policies. And 70% would like a return shipping label to be included in the original package. Our shipping tools let you customize your return policy and create a positive return experience3. With nearly 6,300 post offices, it’s easy and convenient for your customers to send their packages back to you.

7. Target marketing – reach your best customers to increase sales

At least 50% of online buyers want to receive sales offers and coupons from the e-retailers that they purchase from. And they are almost equally likely to want to be contacted in paper or digital format. Canada Post can help you deploy an integrated marketing campaign, to reach the customers that respond better to print advertising.

We can help you deliver the online world to your customers

How do you deliver the consistent and positive cross-channel shopping experience that your shoppers expect and deserve? Just add Canada Post. Contact us to talk to a representative about a Canada Post e-commerce solution for your business.

1. DMA 2012 Response Rate Report

2. Omnibus Survey: CPC Marketing Research – Online Shopping Omnibus CPC#13-215, August 2013;

3. J.C. Williams: Canadian E-shoppers: The online shopping/buying experience, Canada Post Study 12-209, September 2012.

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