Deliver to Post Office Part 7: Why your e-commerce store needs it and how to implement it

Posted on June 19, 2014 by @ship_cpc in Shipping Solutions

Looking for an edge in today’s competitive e-commerce market? Give your customers more flexible shipping options for their online purchases. Deliver to Post Office lets your customers choose to have their e-commerce orders delivered directly to a post office of their choice. They can pick up their packages where and when they want, which helps keep them coming back to your e-store in the future.

In this blog post series, we provide everything you need to know about Deliver to Post Office, including how it can enhance your customers’ experience. Get an overview of how it works, detailed instructions on how to add it to your e-commerce checkout and how to create the proper shipping labels.

Part 1: Why offering more delivery options gives your e-commerce site a competitive edge Flexible delivery options are important to online shoppers. Find out how Deliver to Post Office offers your shoppers more convenient pickup locations and times than any other option.

Part 2: How to implement Deliver to Post Office on your e-commerce site A high-level overview of how Deliver to Post Office works from checkout to pickup. Find out if your shipping system supports Deliver to Post Office.

Part 3: How to display valid Deliver to Post Office locations in your checkout How to use Canada Post web services to find post offices near your shopper’s desired pickup location and how to present the choices in your checkout.

Part 4: How to create a Deliver to Post Office shipping label in EST 2.0 If you create shipping labels using the Canada Post’s shipping software EST 2.0, find out what and how to import the information into EST 2.0 to produce a Deliver to Post Office label.

Part 5: How to create a Deliver to Post Office shipping label using web services If you produce shipping labels using Canada Post web services, find out what data elements to include in your Create Shipment request to ensure you produce a Deliver to Post Office compliant shipping label.

Part 6: Deliver to Post Office shipping labels for shipping system providers Integrating the Deliver to Post Office option into your own custom or commercial shipping system? Get an overview of the data elements that your shipping system will require and find out how to contact us for approval before you get started.

Ready to get started? Read Part 2: How to implement Deliver to Post Office on your e-commerce site Want to learn more? Email Frederic Cote or call 1-514-345-4149 to learn how you can offer Deliver to Post office on your e-commerce site.



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