Physical, connected and social: How a paper puzzle helped turn Swedes into soldiers

The Swedish Armed Forces issue an irresistible challenge

Posted on Aug. 05, 2014 by in Marketing solutions

When mandatory military service was abolished, the Swedish military found itself forced to compete with every other employer to recruit the best young talent. Faced with a tough challenge, it launched a marketing campaign that embodied the essence of Canada Post Smartmail MarketingTM – an intriguing physical component that engaged and encouraged recipients to go to the recruiting website. The targeted audience ended up sharing it with their online social networks, too.

A challenge to test mental and physical agility
To make the idea of service appealing to young men and women, the Swedish Armed Forces mailed 200,000 potential recruits a challenge. The mailing itself was a puzzle that needed to be solved, a large piece of paper which had to be folded in a precise way in order to make a secret code visible.

This code unlocked a website and a further series of tests which not only continued to drive engagement with the campaign, but also helped weed out unsuitable candidates who were not up to the challenge. Visitors could see how they scored – and could then challenge their friends to do better.

Mail and web together deliver powerful results
The physical mailing intrigued recipients enough to continue the experience online with great results. A total of 5,600 applicants engaged with the campaign (well over the goal of 3,600), representing a 2.8% response rate. Working in tandem, mail and digital are often more powerful than either medium on its own.


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