Get a 5% lift in return on investment when you clean your direct mail database

Posted on Aug. 11, 2014 by @dm_cpc in Marketing solutions

As a marketer, you’re probably being asked to grow or retain market share without a similar increase in budget. To do this, you know you’ll need to improve your return on investment. But did you know you can boost ROI as much as 5% simply by cleaning your database?

Data quality contributes to campaign success

The quality of your data and the accuracy of your addresses affects your ability to communicate with customers and prospects. In fact, address accuracy is a crucial element in the success of your direct mail campaign. Even the most creative and compelling call to action is lost if your mail doesn’t get into prospects’ hands. Make sure your mailing addresses are accurate, and get the most out of your campaign.

Why would my list be inaccurate?

Although the information in your mailing database may be fresh, it can also be inaccurate. Millions of people – and businesses – move each year and even your best customers may forget to let you know they’ve moved. Incomplete addresses, such as those missing postal codes or apartment numbers, can make your mail undeliverable.

What are the costs of undeliverable mail?

Mail that doesn’t get into your customer’s hands costs you in many ways.

  • Wasted expense of printing and postage – at least $1 a piece
  • Environmental impact of the waste
  • Cost of having undeliverable mail returned to you
  • Missed opportunities from failing to reach a prospect
  • Gaining poor business intelligence from your data
  • Negative brand perception from poorly targeted ads or mail addressed to a deceased person

All of these things combine to decrease your return on investment and, ultimately, your profitability.

What can I do?

Improve the accuracy of your data, validate the addresses on your mailing list, and you’ll increase return on investment by as much as 5%. Before printing and sending a campaign, work with a mail service provider who offers data hygiene services. They’ll correct and complete the addresses on your list, flag those that can’t be corrected and much more. You’ll notice less returned mail, higher sales and a better ROI.

Ready to do some data cleaning? Canada Post Data Management Services can help. Or find a Canada Post-recognized vendor of address validation software.


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