Trendy clothing retailer Victoire fuels growth with direct mail

Posted on Oct. 14, 2014 by @direct_cpc in Marketing solutions

Ottawa-based clothing boutique Victoire has been growing since the day it opened its doors. Owners Regine Paquette and Katherine Frappier used direct mail as an important part of their successful marketing strategy.

They first tried direct mail when they opened their second store, creating an acquisition campaign to introduce their brand to the new neighbourhood. They encouraged sales with a coupon that also revealed how effectively the campaign reached prospective customers.

“We saw people coming in with those so we were really able to measure the success of our campaign,” Paquette explains. “For maybe 95% of those people, it was their first time walking through our door.”

Gaining customer insights
Targeting the geographic area around their new store meant the campaign reached a broader cross-section of prospects than the business owners might otherwise have considered. Monitoring the results of the campaign produced insights that helped Frappier and Paquette better understand their customers.

Affordable marketing for small business
Frappier and Paquette have been impressed with the return their investment in direct mail has yielded.

“Budget limitations are probably the number one concern, we’re a really bootstrap business, so every dollar counts,” Paquette says.

Frappier adds, “Direct mail was a great way for us to bring new customers through our door in an affordable way.”

Fuelling future growth with direct mail
Now that Victoire is an online retailer, Frappier and Paquette plan to continue to use direct mail to broaden their reach and drive sales to their e-commerce business.

“Direct mail is going to be a great way to reach out of our neighbourhood and now with the web store we are opening up to the whole country,” Frappier says. “So it’s really exciting for us to start thinking about ourselves as the store that sells Canadian design to all Canadians.”

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