Convenient shipping options help Victoire’s e-store deliver increased sales

Posted on Oct. 29, 2014 by Canada Post in Shipping Solutions

When the owners of Victoire took their successful retail clothing business online, they saw an immediate lift in sales. After launching their site, the next challenge was to find shipping solutions that were convenient and cost-effective for both the store and its customers.

Victoire is a fashion retailer with 3 stores located in Ottawa and Toronto. When owners Katherine Frappier and Regine Paquette opened an e-store, sales started pouring in. So the small business owners turned to their next challenge: fulfilling orders quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively.

Convenient shipping solutions for their small business

As a small business with a small number of staff, Victoire needs quick, simple shipping solutions. They find Canada Post’s network of more than 6,300 retail outlets easy to access and appreciate the assistance of counter staff.

“Shipping with Canada Post, for us, is really easy,” Paquette says. “At all of our locations, we’re within a couple of blocks of Canada Post outlets, so it’s really easy for us to go multiple times a week and talk with the clerk there and figure out the best shipping solutions for us.”

Fashion customers want choice of shipping method

Canada Post research shows that 60% of shoppers at online fashion stores like Victoire want a variety of shipping choices. Nearly two-thirds are concerned that shipping will be too expensive.

But cost isn’t the only thing online fashion shoppers worry about. Convenient delivery options, such as delivery to a post office or safe drop-off at home, are also important to them, and 78% like to track their package during shipping.

Keeping customers happy keeps them coming back

Victoire offers customers across the country and around the world the range of delivery options they want by shipping from the post offices near their stores.

“We really like to have the kind of business where we feel like we have neighbourhood partners,” Paquette says. “And Canada Post is one of those neighbourhood partners for us.”

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This is part of a series of videos and articles on how Victoire expanded their brick and mortar stores and made a successful move to e-commerce as members of VentureOne. Next, learn how Victoire launched its online store.



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