E-commerce site helps clothing boutique Victoire reach new markets and grow sales

Posted on Nov. 12, 2014 by Canada Post in Shipping Solutions

When out-of-town customers commented that they wished they had a trendy, eclectic store like Victoire near them, the owners were inspired to take their retail business online. They turned to Shopify to help them develop an online store that reflected the unique Victoire style.

Victoire clothing boutique offers classic, feminine clothing mixed with funky, edgier pieces. First opened in Ottawa in 2006, owners Katherine Frappier and Regine Paquette have since added two more stores. They recently ventured into e-commerce, developing an online store.

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Creating an e-commerce site with Shopify

When developing their e-commerce site, the business owners chose to work with Shopify because of its customizable, easy-to-use system and the personal customer support of their Teach Up workshops.

“Shopify was instrumental in us getting involved in the e-commerce game,” Paquette explains. “We’re really interested in new technologies but not always capable of really taking advantage of them to their full capacity. [Shopify] really helped us out. First of all, it’s a really user-friendly system. But their customer service is just out of this world, so it was just such a phenomenal experience.”

Teach Up workshops made it easy

The business owners attended Shopify Teach Up workshops to get one-on-one help with their website from Shopify experts.

“The Shopify Teach Up was so valuable to us,” says Paquette. “It was just so great to be able to sit down with someone face-to-face and ask them all the questions we had run into.”

One-on-one expert support let them customize the site

“The [Shopify] gurus were really interested in hearing about how our business works and making the Shopify software work for us,” Paquette says.

“Shopify is such a flexible system, that the Teach Up is a really great opportunity to ensure that it is being tailored to exactly what you need and that your needs are being met by the system,” Frappier adds. “And the gurus know how to do that better than anyone else.”

The e-commerce site helped Victoire expand its market outside their stores, reaching new customers and growing sales.

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This is part of a series on how Victoire expanded their brick and mortar stores and made a successful move into e-commerce. Learn more about Victoire’s business success tips here.



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